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Is a House Cleaner worth the money?

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Mika, Staff Writer

Sunday, 27 June 2021

At some point, we’ve all entertained the idea of paying a professional to come and clean the house for us. Then, we manage to convince ourselves that it’s too expensive and it would be a waste of time and money. But is this true? Using Bark, you can find a local cleaner in your area and find the right price tag to match. The variety of cleaning tasks and price brackets means there is a cleaner affordable for every home and budget.

If you're still on the fence about hiring a house cleaner, this article should help you to decide. We'll take a look at the bigger picture and whether paying for a cleaner is really worth the money. At the end of reading, you'll have no doubt about whether making that enquiry with Bark is worth your while.

How much does House Cleaning cost?

One of the key factors that will affect whether you think a cleaner is worth it, is the actual price they charge. While the specific cost of a cleaner may change from area to area, there a number of different factors that can affect the final price. These include things such as the size of your home. For example, if you only need one kitchen and one living room to be cleaned, it is going to be far less than if you require six bedrooms, two bathrooms and a garage to clean.   

Another factor that can affect the price is your lifestyle and living habits. If your home is lived in by three messy children and two equally messy parents, the amount of cleaning a cleaner will have to do will raise the price. A family pet such as a cat or dog can, again, make a whole new kind of a mess and increase the price too.

Is cleaning yourself worth the time it takes to do it?

Along with understanding the cost of certain cleaning tasks, you must also weigh up the value of your own time. If the cost of cleaning the house yourself, both in terms of time and money, is far higher than it would be to hire a professional cleaner, then it makes sense to allow the professional to do it. 

That’s while bearing in mind that a professional cleaner will do the job far quicker and far more effectively than you ever could. Freeing up your time spent cleaning and tidying can then be put into far more rewarding tasks, both economically and emotionally. Taking all this into account, paying for a private cleaner is definitely worth it in the end.

Corporate cleaners or independent cleaners?

Another factor you must take into account when pricing up the cost of a home cleaner is what type of cleaner you are going to hire. There is a clear distinction between the two different types of professional cleaners; one is the corporate cleaners and the other is the independent cleaner. If you are hiring a corporate cleaner, you are likely to be dealing with a large and well-established company. 

Corporate cleaners generally charge more than independent cleaners though hiring an independent cleaner does come with its own hazards. A corporate cleaner will be licensed, background checked and insured, which is ideal if a conflict of interest arises. Larger companies will also run background checks on cleaners, ensuring you have someone professional for the job. On the other hand, hiring an independent cleaner can also give you the satisfaction of providing income to an individual rather than paying to a large corporation. 

How to keep cleaning costs down

One of the best ways of keeping the cleaning costs down is to make a detailed list of the chores, to then allocate between your cleaner and household. When it comes to simple tasks such as changing the bed sheets and covers, it’s usually not worth it to pay the extras fees to your cleaner, when you can do this in no time at all. It’s better to allocate the more effort-consuming tasks to your professional cleaner. This way, you are getting the most for your money without paying for things you simply don’t need to.

You can also reduce the list of chores your cleaners do every week or so, as some tasks don’t need to be done all the time. Noting which of these chores are not needed every week may take a little time at first but will save you money in the long run.

To sum up 

As we have seen, the overall cost of cleaning services can vary from location to location, from corporate cleaners to small independents, and so much more. Taking time to hire smartly and assess the cost of tasks over a period of time will decrease your cleaning costs considerably, making hiring a cleaner all the more worth it. With your home constantly clean and your stress levels greatly reduced, hiring a cleaner can definitely be worth the cost.  

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