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How much does a House Cleaner charge on average?

Average Price
$205 (per clean)

How much does House Cleaning cost?

Need some help with the household chores but unsure how much a house cleaner will set you back? Find out how much you can expect to pay for regular cleaning services, one-time visits and more.

Advantages of having a House Cleaner 

As much as we’d all like to keep on top of our household chores, it’s not always easy to achieve - especially when life is already so hectic! Whether you’re looking for a one-off clean or regular visits, a house cleaner is an affordable way to keep your home in tip-top condition, giving you the time to focus on what matters to you.

A house cleaner will be highly skilled in removing stubborn stains and keeping your home germ-free. If you are looking for specialist services like oven or end-of-tenancy cleaning, we’ll help you find the expert for the job. 

What’s the average price of a House Cleaner?

Here’s a ballpark estimate of the cost of a house cleaner, based on local Canadian professionals: 

Average cost (per clean) $205
Minimum cost (per clean) $60
Maximum cost (per clean) $350

Factors influencing cost: 

The key factors influencing the cost of a house cleaning service are:  

  • Type of cleaning service

  • Number and size of rooms

  • Condition of your house - deep cleaning vs. regular cleaning

Type of cleaning service 

Cleaning services come in all shapes and sizes! The type of cleaning service required will be dependent on the condition of your home and which parts of it you wish to tackle. Some cleaning services require specialist equipment, which makes them more expensive per hour. To help you understand how much you’ll pay based on your requirements, here’s a breakdown of common cleaning services and their costs: 

Type of cleaning Average price (per hour)
Window cleaning$45
General cleaning$85
Floor clean$35
After builders cleaning$110
Fridge cleaning$31
Upholstery cleaning$56

Some cleaning services are normally charged at a set price instead of by the hour, like the below: 

Type of cleaning Average set price
Carpet cleaning (per room)$122
Oven cleaning (per appliance)$75

Number and size of rooms 

It’s no surprise that the more rooms you have, the higher the price of a house cleaner will be. Some rooms take longer to clean than others. Bathrooms are notorious for being a pain to clean as they get dirty so quickly, so the more bathrooms you have the more you will pay. 

If you have bigger rooms, the cost per hour or set price will be higher. As an example, here’s the average cost of carpet cleaning based on the size of the room: 

Room size Average cost (in total)
Small $80

Condition of your house

If you don’t keep on top of your household chores regularly, then a cleaner will need more time to bring it back to life.  If you feel like your home needs that extra little bit of TLC, you may want to hire someone for a deep clean, which is normally carried out every 3-6 months. A deep clean is more costly than a regular clean, which is usually carried out once every 1 - 2 weeks depending on your requirements.

A regular clean involves: 

  • Tidying the house

  • Cleaning the bathroom (toilet, shower, sink)

  • Cleaning the kitchen (wiping counters, hobs, removing rubbish) 

A deep clean involves: 

  • Removing limescale from shower heads

  • Oven cleaning

  • Window cleaning 

Deep cleaning is more expensive as it requires a lengthier and more rigorous service. 

Type of cleaning Average cost (per hour)
Regular cleaning$85
Deep cleaning$110


The cost of your house cleaner could also be impacted by where you live. If you’re located in a major city, expect costs to creep up compared to rural areas to reflect the higher cost of living. 

LocationAverage cost (per hour)

How to keep costs to a minimum with a House Cleaner: 

  • Regular cleaning - Keeping on top of your household chores with a regular cleaning service will reduce costs over the long-term, as this will reduce the need for more expensive deep cleaning. 

  • Keep labour time at a minimum - You can choose which rooms need to be cleaned. Bedrooms are fairly low maintenance, so these could be skipped to keep costs down. 

  • Price packages - If you book regular sessions with a house cleaner, then they may offer a discount on the hourly rate as you'll be providing them with repeat service. 

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