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What do Commercial Cleaning companies do?

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Alex, Staff Writer

Thursday, 17 June 2021

We all know that we can hire domestic cleaners for our home to keep on top of our weekly cleaning chores, but what about our workplaces? Office spaces and commercial properties are usually forgotten about when it comes to cleanliness, something that can, in turn, reduce your team’s productivity. Hiring a commercial cleaner to take care of your office, business premises, or other commercial spaces is a great way of bringing everything back to pristine order.

By using Bark to find local commercial cleaners in your area, find commercial cleaning services locally - and at a price that is right for you is so simple Let’s take a look at what commercial cleaning companies do and what they can do for you.

What is included in office cleaning?

The most popular service cleaning companies provide is an office cleaning service. A clean office has endless positive effects on the state of mind and wellbeing of your office staff. When it comes to companies that welcome clients and customers, the office may be the first thing they see, so a clean office makes a great first impression on visitors. 

So, what exactly is included in office cleaning, and how often should it be done? First of all, a commercial cleaner will do general cleaning tasks such as vacuum cleaning, dusting, wiping desks and high-traffic areas of the office, mopping floors and emptying waste paper bins. These are jobs that can be done on either a daily or weekly basis.

More in-depth cleaning tasks such as deep-cleaning carpets, washing and polishing windows, or furniture and upholstery cleaning can be carried out less often. Contracts for commercial cleaning may last a week, month, year or even multiple years - this all depends on what you want from your cleaner.

How much does a Commercial Cleaner cost?   

Understanding how much to pay for commercial cleaning services can be a difficult figure to reach and will all depend on several different things. One of the main things that affect the price of cleaning services is the overall size of the office space. This, again, depends on where you are in the country and which province and territory you are in. Generally speaking, a commercial cleaner will charge up to $0.40 per square foot.

Other office cleaning companies will charge a general hourly rate, ranging from anywhere between $15 to $50 per hour, sometimes more. This figure will differ from company to company and may increase for more specialist cleaning services. If contracts for commercial cleaning are made in advance, you may even be able to secure a price break on the overall bill.

Should I hire a Commercial Cleaner?

Even after seeing the advantages of hiring a commercial cleaner, you may ask yourself, ‘do I really need a commercial cleaner?’. The short answer, if you are running an office of any considerable size, is yes! Although many cleaning jobs can be carried out by everyday staff, the results will never as good as those you receive from a professional office cleaner.  Relying on yourself or your staff to do these jobs would, in the end, cause you to lose more money than it would save.

To sum up  

Commercial cleaning companies have the ability and skill to carry out deep cleaning in all sorts of commercial venues. From offices to workplaces buildings, a commercial cleaning contract will allow you and your fellow employees to work in a clean and positive environment without the stress of sweeping up or vacuuming as you go. 

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