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2 August 2022

Marty came and gave me a quote for a system. The quote was $1500. The system didn't work, so I looked up the parts. To be generous, there was $400 worth of gear in there, inlcuding a fualty fan.
He left heaps of mess. He forgot his own design - he didn't write any plans down and was about to ventilate the wrong part of the house. He was too lazy to install venting all the way to where he said he would when he quoted.
He didn't do part of the work he said he would do in a separate quote and then blamed me and said that part was one of the reasons for his extremely high margin.
Once I proved that his setup was running at 80 decibels (the same as a loud motorbike) he wiped the cost of the faulty fan (this took several months and threatening to go to CBOS).
He reduced his bill to $11 and today threatened to send debt collectors for the $11.
The funniest part was when I emailed him and got an auto-reply syaing that any emails with swear words would be automatically deleted. I cannot fathom how many people must have been swearing at him to get that set up. That was the only funny part.
When I questioned him about the installation he called me a bully.
If your system doesn't work, like mine doesn't, you're in for a world of pain if you don't just pay up for rubbish.
Not professional, not reliable, very very very overpriced for a system that doesn't work.