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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


We’re a Melbourne-based design agency who specialise in reimagining established brands and bringing new ones into the world.

At Brandwell our main aim is to see the brands we create succeed. We focus on measurable business results – innovative design is just how we get there.

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8 July 2020

Web Design

i have found Brandwell very easy to get along with and they have been very interested in our company to find what works for us


A great website provides what the answers to what the user was searching for. Clearly communicating how you can help them achieve what they're wanting to do. Whether it is to buy a product or engage a service, you need to have a well thought out user experience that keeps them engaged with appealing imagery, content, and call to action buttons.

What do you do?
Who do you do it for?
Why should they care?

We're a solutions focussed agency and our process always begins with research and consultation.
Getting to know the client starting with the questions above. This all happens in an interactive workshop with all key decision-makers, creatives and copywriters. We then take this information and develop a creative solution aimed at getting results.

A clear objective for the project. What do they ultimately want to achieve?

Watching businesses grow, allowing them to do what they do best, and leaving the rest to us.

To do things differently and to make a difference.

We really do care.
A successful project is never about how much money we make, it's always about whether the client achieved the goals they set and met the overall objective.


Before your customers can know you, you have to know yourself. Easier said than done. What do you do that makes life easier? What do you stand for? When the dust has settled, why will people remember your name? The greatest brands have always been utterly single-minded when it comes to one thing: why they exist. At Brandwell, we exist to help you define that purpose – then breathe life into it through beautiful design. It all starts with an insightful brand strategy: a plan for your business that will ensure everything you do stays true to your ‘reason for being’.

Great brands don’t bring the most utility to people’s lives – they bring the most meaning. Our job is to create an identity that communicates your reason for being – a brand that stands for something and attracts loyal fans, not just customers. This starts with a name and logo, the simplest expression of your vision. We’ll then clarify what makes you different – your ‘unique selling proposition’. Then it’s on to defining your brand guidelines and crafting a tone of voice. When all these elements are put together, what you get is a strong and clear identity. A new look, your own collection of imagery and typefaces, consistent language and a brand that is worthy of love – not just money.

So you have a brand-new brand! It’s time to get to work. You’re ready to go out in the world with a sharp new look and a silver tongue, but your next challenge is figuring out what to say and where to say it. Over the years we’ve built up some expertise when it comes to marketing the brands we’ve created. We’ll work up a content strategy, build a website, create Facebook ads and eDMs, and design packaging and signage in all shapes and sizes. Our copywriters will bring the brand to life with words that match the beauty of our design. It sounds like a lot, but it’s our job to make a lot feel like nothing at all.