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How much does Air Conditioning Installation cost? 2021

Average Price
$660 to $5,400

What is the price of Air Conditioning Installation?

In search of air conditioning for your home or business? Read our handy guide to find out how much your air conditioning installers will charge for their services.

What is Air Conditioning Installation?

As anyone familiar with the Australian climate will know, things can get pretty hot! Without a way to cool down, your home or business location can become too hot to live or work in.

Air conditioning units remove warm air from a room and transfer it outside. In exchange, cold air will be pumped into the room, keeping it cool and therefore enjoyable to be in. 

Air conditioning units are fixed to the inside of your property and require professional installation to work, as well as regular maintenance. They can be controlled to activate while you are out of the house so that a cool temperature is maintained for when you return home, or for when your business opens.

Compared with other ways of keeping cool, a professional air conditioning installation offers superior protection against sweaty, humid, uncomfortable environments.

How much does Air Conditioning Installation cost? 

The cost of having air-con installed in Australia ranges between $660 and $5,400.

The true cost depends on the type of system you have installed, as air conditioning units vary significantly in price. 

Split systems are generally cheaper to install but are visually more intrusive. Ducted systems have a much sleeker appearance, though are more expensive to install. 

So be prepared to pay a little more or less than the national average, according to the unit size, type and brand that you opt for.

Air Conditioning Installation cost
Average cost$2,700
Minimum cost$660
Maximum cost$5,400

What changes the price of having Air Conditioning installed? 

The cost of air conditioning installation varies depending on several factors, including:

  • AC unit size

  • Quality of air conditioning unit

  • Features

  • Installation time

  • Location

AC unit size

The main factor affecting the cost of having air conditioning installed is the size of the unit you opt for. This will depend on the size of the room, therefore how much power is required. 

Starting on the smaller end of the scale, it’s possible to purchase a 2.5kw - 3.5kw inverter system for as little as $575.

For something such as a 9kw- 9.9kw inverter system, expect to pay anywhere up to $800 for the unit itself.

AC unit size cost
AC unit sizeHighest average priceLowest average price
2.5kw - 3.5kw inverter system$660$575
5kw - 6kw inverter system$700$650
7kw - 8kw inverter system$750$680
9kw- 9.9kw inverter system$800$760

Once you move into the high-end territory, this is where you will end up paying the most money. For example, for a top of the range 8.0kw ducted reverse cycle air conditioning unit, you can expect to pay around $5,400 for the unit itself, as well as the installation. 

Quality of air conditioning unit 

Air conditioning units are made by a variety of manufacturers. As you’d expect, the top-rated units will be more expensive versus generic brands. Though from a price perspective, this does give you plenty of flexibility in terms of your budget. 


One of the perks of air conditioning is that they come with a wide range of features, to ensure the optimum temperature is reached. This includes the ability to set a timer, remote control access, app access, sleep mode, and more. You can choose exactly how high tech you wish to go with the features depending on your requirements, and of course your budget! 

Installation time

Typically, air conditioning units take between a few hours up to a few days to install. The bigger the job, the more time it will take, therefore, will be more expensive to complete. 

Within the installation time, you need to factor in the cost of the installation itself, which ranges between $60 and $140 per hour plus GST (good and service tax). This will bring the total cost closer to the $2,700 average cost of air conditioning, especially for more complex installations. 


Your location will affect the cost of having air conditioning installed, due to the difference in operational costs, depending on which area of Australia you’re located in. 

Typically, the cheapest place across Australia to have air conditioning installed is Brisbane, at $75 per hour. This most expensive place is Sydney, costing anywhere up to $140 an hour. 

Though the prices will vary significantly depending on the actual model you choose. Plus, how many air conditioning installers operate in your area. 

Air Conditioning Installation cost in Australia
LocationAverage air conditioning install cost (per hour)

Is it worth getting Air Conditioning?

Australia is one of the hottest locations on Earth. Therefore, keeping cool is essential, especially if you live in a particularly warm area of the country. Whether you’re looking to keep your home or business cool, the best way to do this is through having air conditioning installed. It will ensure the room is comfortable for all, which will make all the difference, in terms of how much the building can be lived in and enjoyed to its full potential. 

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