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Come and see us about small business advice, DIY super, corporation tax and accounting services in the heart of Sydney CBD.

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20 May 2020

Always respond to requests for advice without delay.
The advice is tailored to my needs and business planning, and has significantly contributed to my success and peace of mind.

Thanks very much for your review Colin


Forrester Korfiatis provide tax returns and financial statements for all types of business entities. We provide tax advice for business structures and any area of our complex tax law.

Finance is the cornerstone of any business.
A great accountant can point a business in the right direction, and make critical decisions with all the information available.

I love it when our clients tke on our advice, and see their business prosper. Some of our largest clients started out as very small businesses.

Being able to make my own decisions and have my own destiny.

Our business has been around for 50 years, wow!! Believe it or not, some of the clients from 1970 are still clients of our practice.