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How much does Central Heating Installation cost?

Average Price
$2,500 to $9,700

What is the price of Central Heating Installation?

Want to install or replace your central heating not sure of the cost? Read our handy guide to find out how much your HVAC installers will charge for their services.

What is Central Heating?

A central heating system provides heat to a property or larger building. In most homes in the US, the heat will be created in a furnace and then distributed to the rest of the rooms in the building via ducts, steam or water flowing through pipes. 

In Canada, the two most common types of central heating systems are: 

  • Forced air central heating: a furnace heats the air before distributing it in the home through the ductwork. 

  • Hydronic radiant central heating: a boiler heats water before distributing it through a piping system. 

How much does Central Heating Installation Cost?

The cost of central heating ranges between $2,500 and $9,700 with an average cost of $4,900.

Average cost of Central Heating System Installation
Average cost$4,900
Minimum cost$2,500
Maximum cost$9,700

No two heating installations are the same. The true cost will depend on the type of system you opt for, plus whether you are upgrading an existing HVAC system or installing one from scratch. 

If you already have ductwork installed, this will reduce the cost of the project significantly. Otherwise, an $8,000-$10,000 average price should be expected.

What changes the price of Central Heating Installation? 

The cost of central heating varies depending on several factors, including: 

  • Property size

  • Labour

  • Time

Property size

The larger the property, the more ducting, vents, and radiators it will require. You can help keep the running costs down by choosing an energy-efficient system based on the size of the property.


HVAC installers typically charge $95 to $190 per hour. The cost of labour is usually included as a fixed fee with your installation. However, if you require repair or maintenance, the cost may be charged per hour.


When pricing up the job, your HVAC contractor is going to factor in how long they estimate the job will take. For properties without ducting, or if the previous installation was done to a poor standard, the job will take longer to complete. Not only does the central heating need to be installed, but everything must be safe too, especially when dealing with gas or electricity.

Is it worth getting Central Heating installed?

A working, energy-efficient central heating system makes all the difference to a property. Maintaining an optimum room temperature all year round will benefit all those who use the building. Most HVAC systems also help to purify the air, filtering out dust and toxins adding a health benefit too. Canada can also get pretty cold, meaning a professionally installed central heating system is definitely worth the investment! 

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