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Hi, I am Kathie Heasler, a certified Reflexologist, certified Global Healer (Gold Level) and practicing Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist. The past few years have brought significant change including challenges and gifts for all of us. My business AngelHands has gone from being a hands-on, local practice in Peterborough, ON to include impacting a global audience.

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Reflexology is based on the principle that there are reflexes in the hands, feet and ears which correspond to every part, organ and gland in the body.

For your Hand and/or Foot Reflexology session you remain fully clothed and positioned either partially reclined or flat down upon the table and comfortably swaddled within cloth sheets and blankets. Once I have assessed the condition of your hands and/or feet, points on either extremity are worked. Although I follow a standardized application of care reflected by the technical expertise in my training, every opportunity to practice reflexology is uniquely tailored to meet your current needs. Thus I follow the wisdom inherent in your tissues. Moment by moment I may spend more or less time stimulating individual, or sets of points throughout your session. Every session finishes with releasing and grounding non-physical passes directed through energetic pathways spanning the top of your head down through the soles of your feet.

After the session we conclude the service with an intuitive consultation that helps you feel relaxed and reconnected to your current priorities.

Benefits you can experience include:

1. Release of tension held in the tissues and creates a grounded feeling of ease.
2. Stimulated circulation of blood and lymph fluids can be helpful in slowing down the degenerative
process of peripheral nephropathy common with diabetes.
3. Helpful with inflammatory conditions such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Planter Fasciitis.
4. Stimulated digestive system with promoted proper elimination.
5. Helpful for Arthritis. (Reflexology is listed as supportive in the American Arthritis Foundation’s Alternative Treatment’s guide).
6. Complements other treatments and methods of healing.

Note: Certified Reflexology is covered by some insurance companies, check with your insurance company for full details.

Swaddled by warmed linens you will receive a relaxing and supportive full body massage that begins at the scalp and finishes with a deeply grounding reflexology massage on the feet.

Soothing ambient sounds, and soft lighting accompany your retreat from the stresses and strains of everyday living, easing your surrender to the still-point of just being.

A CBD Aromatherapy Massage by Kathie brings together an assortment of nourishing plant-based aromatherapy essential oils blended with a combination of warmed carrier oils and hemp based CBD oil that will leave you feeling balanced and recharged.

For an ear candling session, you are positioned lying on your side with neck and head nestled amongst pillows and towels arranged in a comfortable and supportive manner. Composed of layers of beeswax-soaked cloth the candle is placed in the outer ear canal balanced to 90 degrees, approximately, and lit. After taking every necessary preparation and precaution for our safety the application of relaxation and therapeutics begins. With tissues surrounding the ear canal sufficiently warmed I massage the areas around the shoulder, neck and face. The gentle manoeuvres, purposely directed, support drainage of accumulated lymph and leave you feeling highly comforted. I also work the reflex points on your hand to further the movement of lymph and improve healing. Once having burned for an efficient duration the candle is removed and I have you move position then we set up with a new candle and begin to bring warmth and balance to your opposite ear.

Although ear wax is reportedly found in the waxy stubbed portion left behind at the completion of a treatment, your ear candling session does not depend on any vacuum related aspects to accomplish this and many of the following amazing benefits:

Cleared sinus congestion
Relief from vertigo or dizziness
Prevention and reduction of many types of headaches
Boosted immune system

Note: Results can vary from individual to individual. Ear candling is not a medical procedure. Should a client understand they suffer a hearing related issue and/or other conditions pertaining to problems within their exterior and/or middle ear canal Kathie Heasler Be You recommends they consult a western allopathically trained physician.

BCT is a profound healing process that can release deeply held patterns of disease – both physical and psychological – which accumulate throughout life.

During a session, Kathie patiently listens with her heart for the healing intention of the Breath of Life. As the Breath of Life expresses health the practitioner-client relationship is supported right down through the depths of the Breath of Life’s many levels, rhythms, pulsations, and patterns. Both practitioner and client abide by a sacred silence, in a space which permits held energies to safely expand and reconnect with the whole.

Traumatic states are often overwhelming; Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a wonderful and gentle way to work with emotional trauma, anxiety, pregnancy, migraines, stress, and depression. In BCT, trauma is processed at a pace the body can handle, which assists clients to move gradually toward deeper levels of harmony. A client will naturally become more resourced, more grounded, and more integrated; therefore, facilitating the processing of trauma and the achievement of calmer, more joyful states of being.

With regular sessions, clients find the patterns in their lives changing for the better. They become more present and grounded. They also have increased self-confidence, and find more joy in living.

Primarily a touch based manual therapy incorporating massage with reflex pressure point techniques an intuitive massage also brings together components of energy-based healing. For your intuitive massage you are required to be disrobed and positioned comfortably on a table lined with cloths and pillows. Sessions involve the use of all-natural cold pressed organic coconut oil. Aromatherapy essential oils can be added if requested.
An intuitive massage offers you an opportunity to relax, reduce pain, and release old patterns. You can also benefit from: relief from emotional and physical discomfort, strengthened immune system,
anti-inflammatory effects of joints,
deepening sense of inner exploration,
refreshing sleep-wake patterns,
detoxification of muscle tissue and fascia, and
decrease in drying effects of aging. With an intuitive massage I address your body’s subtle rhythms from which I sense what you need at that moment. While held in a space of non-judgemental stillness, I place trust in my inner knowing to guide us. The experience is facilitated through: touch, vision and listening to the patterns of energy flowing through you. Through this process your body’s systems begin to resolve patterns of strain, releasing blockages to overall health.

Hot Stone Massage is a style of massage in which heated water-treated stones such as basalt or
lava rock are placed over specific sites of the body. Muscles are massaged with a combination of
hands & heated stones to perform deep tissue manipulation.

Hot Stone Massage provides many benefits that you can experience including: deep tissue relaxation, alleviation of stress, relief from pain, improvement of circulation, and opened energetic pathways.

Aromatherapy essential oils, crystals, hand and foot reflexology can in be incorporated in to your session.
A Hot Stone Massage must be booked at least one day in advance of the day of your scheduled appointment.

A deeply restorative and healing session that invites you to relax and release on a physical as well as an emotional and spiritual level. An Intuitive Energy Healing session is similar to an intuitive massage except in this case you receive the session fully clothed. In order to address your needs each session incorporates a variety of energetic based modalities including: Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Polarity Therapy, Therapeutic Touch, Akashic Records Healing, Chakra Balancing, Reiki, and Reflexology. Through an Intuitive Energy Healing (Touch Based) session you can experience: feeling more relaxed and centered, reduction of physical pain and discomfort, easing of long held belief patterns, deeper sense of inner exploration, release from negative self-talk and confirmation and/or renewal of life purpose.

For additional benefit you can receive healing, clearing and grounding through use of crystals and divination cards during your session. To further your healing, you may receive coaching and suggestions to help assist you on your healing journey at the end of your session.

This is a powerful session focused on releasing old belief systems, agreements and whatever no longer serves you!

First let me explain that the Akashic Records are a history of your soul from the beginning of time to the end of time. Every Akashic Records Healing session begins by my asking your higher self (which is a greater extension of who you are) for permission to work with my guides. Through the Akashic Records pertaining to this lifetime I work in conjunction with your higher self and my guides for your highest benefit. Together we clear whatever comes up during your session that no longer serves you. If you feel called to book a session, I highly recommend you come into your Akashic Records Healing session with an open mind.

An Akashic Records Healing session can be a beautiful, life-changing experience that can include: a lasting sense of relief from painful burdens, feeling more relaxed and centered in the core of your being, greater awareness on a soul level, a deeper understanding of your spiritual gifts, more openness to receiving love and appreciation, feeling like you received a boost to your confidence and clearing & balancing of your Chakras and energetic pathways.