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How much will I pay for Dog Training?

Average Price
$75 per session

How much will I pay for Dog Training?

Want to hire a trainer to improve your dog’s obedience but unsure of costs? Read on to find out how much you’ll pay for obedience training, puppy training, and more.

Does my dog need training?

They might be loveable, but sometimes our canine companions can be a bit of handful! Whether they’re only weeks old or a long-time member of the family, your pup’s behaviour might not always be up to scratch. A dog trainer will be able to create positive habits and improve their obedience. 

A trainer doesn’t just teach your dog cool new tricks - they’re highly specialised in confronting several behavioural problems, however minor or major. From teaching puppies basic good habits to tackling aggressive behaviour, a dog trainer knows how to deal with those stubborn problems that have you going around in circles. 

How much is Dog Training? 

If you’re wondering how much dog training for your four-legged friend is going to cost, we’ve put together a rough guideline based on the prices of local Australian trainers: 

Average cost (per session) $75
Minimum cost (per session)$30
Maximum cost (per session) $120

Factors influencing costs: 

The price of a dog training session will change based on several key factors: 

  • Class type - private or group

  • Age of the dog (not you!) 

  • Training type 

Class type - private or group 

Dog training can either be carried out as an individual class or a group session. The option you go for will depend on what’s best for your dog. For particularly shy or disobedient pups, private training might be a better option initially. You can always move to group sessions once your dog has gained more confidence. 

Group sessions are normally more cost-effective, as the instructor can train multiple dogs at once. 

Group classes

Average cost (per session) $30
Minimum cost (per session) $40
Maximum cost (per session) $50

Private classes

Average cost (per session) $85
Minimum cost (per session) $50
Maximum cost (per session) $120


Dog training isn’t just for puppies - it’s important to tend your dog’s physical and mental fitness throughout their lifetime. However, puppy training is usually cheaper as less work is required to teach a dog positive habits from a young age. 

Training type 

Just like us, every dog is unique and has individual needs and requirements, so you need to pick the right training for your pup. The most common types of dog training and their average costs are: 

Training type Maximum cost (per session)Minimum cost (per session)Average cost (per session)
Aggressive behaviour$120$100$110
Puppy training$85$50 $67.50
Adult training$100$50 $75

Hiring a Dog Trainer on a budget

Dog training doesn’t have to break the bank! Read on for our top tips for keeping costs to a minimum: 

  • Enquire about price packages- Most trainers offer discounts on packages of multiple training sessions, minimising the hourly rate. 

  • Consider travelling to the trainer - If it is feasible for you to travel to the trainer, the rate may be reduced as they won’t need to factor in travel costs. 

  • Go online - With so many formerly in-person activities moving online, why not give it a go? More trainers are now offering online dog training sessions, which tend to be cheaper than face to face sessions. 

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