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SEO Empire have been a leading Melbourne agency for over 7 years. Our team have experience building websites & SEO since 1998. Our team of Australian SEO & PPC experts deliver a true service with long term results using real links and methods.

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Helping clients grow into a more profitable, efficient and sustainable business.

So I could help customers with all aspects of their business rather than being forced to do only 1 particular role. My background is IT Management, websites, learning systems and advertising so my company has formed into exactly what I wanted.

We truly care about clients, we are always available and listen to their needs. Our team work with them on the best solutions possible to automate and help grow their business. We have experience with global corporations down to husband and wife businesses.


We have been operating under the SEO Empire banner nearly 8 years. For over 5 years we were ranked as Melbourne's number 1 SEO company until we worked exclusively with a large contract overseas and stopped work on our own SEO. Due to the Coronavirus we have returned to Australia to rebuild what we had and take the number 1 position back on Google.

We run multiple PPC campaigns that run upwards over 100k spend per month down to local dentists. We believe our Australian team offer one of the best services in the business.

We offer a full audit and review at no charge for clients with more than 6 months history and a spend over 5k.

Unlike many large agencies, our seniors do the work and do not handball the work to juniors or trainees.