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At Noelani Counselling Services (NCS) we believe that everyone should be able to live a flourishing life which involves an overall sense of wellbeing in all aspects of life. While the focus of NCS is to improve our clients mental health, we subscribe to a holistic model that incorporates wellbeing at a physical, social, emotional and spiritual level.

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I have always had a passion for journeying with people from places of despair to flourishing lives. Being able to be a empathic witness to individuals discovering their capacity to change their circumstances for the better, is what drives me.

After working in various roles within the IT industry, I decided it was time to align my passion and identity with my vocation. Waking up every morning to do work that stems from who I am gives me the most satisfaction. Starting my own practice allows me the freedom to execute this from a place of authenticity rather than having to subscribe to someone else's view of how it should be done.

If you're looking for someone who is passionate about journeying with you in a non-judgmental way, then please feel free to get in touch. What you will get is a professional, authentic and empathic companion to work with you in a safe environment to explore whatever it is that you feel is paramount.


At Noelani Counselling Services we believe that at core we are relational beings and as such the quality of our lives is directly related to how good our significant relationships are. All of us are impacted in one way or another by those who matter to us and for some the impact can be difficult to cope with. Couples in particular are currently caught in a world where expectations have shifted over time. Global changes such as industrialisation and postmodernism have radicalised how people do relationships and so many of us find ourselves battling with generational conflicts that translate to increasing rates of divorce, infidelity and ultimately feelings of isolation.

In our sessions we work to understand how these realities can create maladaptive relational patterns and see where we can work together to bring about positive change.

The Organisation Assistance Programs help organisational members and their family members solve personal and organisational-related problems before they become serious and costly crises. It is aimed at cost effective, short-term problem resolution. At Noelani Counselling Services we are particularly passionate about working with organisations in the resources sector where the issues relating to mental health are quite prominent and pervasive. We believe that there needs to be a systemic approach to the FIFO industry in particular, one that focuses not only on the workers but also their families and other support systems. We also work with international students who may be struggling with acclimatising into the Australian culture.