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About Us: NextGeniSys is a proficient and goal-oriented software development company based in Australia. Besides innovative and bespoke software and applications, the company also offers clients, usually small, medium, and large business owners, digital marketing solutions to help them improve their online rankings.

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What is the Purpose of Your Website?

An incredibly simple question -

Yet, in most sectors, there seems to be a dearth of websites that are actually effective at answering this question. Indeed, given a healthy budget, some web designers appear to believe that a new project is a chance to satisfy creative urges and add a new, trendy design to a diverse, expanding portfolio.

But it’s an approach that fails small businesses.

Because the first consideration when designing any website shouldn’t be ‘the look.’

An effective web design project should always prioritize usability, valuable content, lead generation,

conversions and profit before design.

It should be built with short and long term search marketing goals in mind.

Creative design for the sake of being creative doesn’t convert a visitor into a customer

Spending time and money on creative bells and whistles that fail to measurably improve this process is not


So, If Too Much Creativity Can Be A Problem, Web Design Should Be Cheap, Right?

Overambitious creativity is something that usually only blights those with a reasonable budget to spend on

a website.

Businesses that are searching for designers in the budget end of the industry, however, have an entirely different problem that compromises results:

Badly designed websites shoehorned into clumsy, unsuitable templates.

If you have an extremely limited budget and are intent on driving a hard deal with an already cheap design company, you cannot expect the level of creative input that produces meaningful results.

It may come as a surprise to you, but a couple of hundred dollars isn’t going to bag you a great designer who’ll spend time researching your project and effectively positioning your brand.

You’re more likely to get an off-the-shelf, clunky, cookie-cutter website with stock images, colors and logo inserted wherever possible.

Creativity is not just about making things look prettier.

It’s about creating a distinctive, powerful and passionate brand; with a website that achieves its purpose.

What about SEO?

A badly designed website will also impact your search engine placement. Since most people nowadays search for products and services from a mobile device, Google has set strict guidelines for mobile-friendliness.

As of the 4th quarter of 2019, 61% of all Google traffic is mobile according to Statistics.

Not only your website needs to be mobile-friendly, but it also needs to be fast on mobile devices. Page loading speed has become one of the major ranking factors that Google is taking into consideration when ranking a website.

For Website:
1. Tell us about your company.
2. What specific services does your company provide?
3. What sets your company apart from your competition?
4. Who is your target client?
5. Do you currently have a website?
6. What keywords will your audience use to find your website?
7. What do you like about your website?
8. Why do you want a new website?
9. What features will your website need?
10. What similar websites do you like and what is it you like about them?
11. Who will provide content for the new website?
12. Does your company have established branding?
13. Do you need a new URL?
14. Do you need hosting?
15. Will the old site [if exists] be moved to a new location?
16. What is the deadline for the website?
17. What is the budget for the website?

For Digital Marketing:
Describe your target audience.
What are your corporate core values, and how do you express them to your customers?
What common objections do people have when they buy from you?
How do you address those objections and convert prospects into satisfied buyers?
What “hot points” help your customers take action?
What information do your customers need in order to make an informed buying decision?
What problems does your product or service solve?
What sales approaches have worked in the past?
What hasn’t worked?
What are your other online and offline marketing efforts?
What tone and feel best resonates with your customers?
Who are your major competitors, and what do you feel are their stronger points over yours?
Of the following metrics, which three are you most interested in improving?
Conversions (i.e. sales or leads)
Return on ad spend
Cost per conversion
Conversion rate
Engagement rate

In making business achieve success via digital marketing

Like how some of the big companies like - McDonald's, Apple established their brand and identity strong and running successfully, I wanted to start something on my own and help make business achieve success.

For Trust, Reliability, Hard work and honesty.
We drive digital marketing results.


Web Design & Development
We craft websites that drive traffic, leads, and conversions.

Websites must perform consistently well across all browsers to achieve widespread success. We design clean and organized back ends, dynamic and scalable front ends. Our development process ensures that the features and functionality of web systems are backed by detailed research.

Web Design
We design websites with your individual business goals and desired customer journey at the center. We apply long-term experience and knowledge to your goals.

Web Development
The websites we develop are fully responsive, giving your customers a consistent experience across all devices- smartphones, desktops, and tablets.

Experience a whole new approach to content development
Using a definitive and structured process, our writers craft content that reflects your business’s unique perspective, expertise, and voice. We also bring you specific content marketing imperatives and the best SEO practices. Our professional writers can write original and persuasive content that can change your potential customers into regular ones. We blend your website’s purpose with the customers’ requirements, helping you achieve the business goals while encouraging customers to buy your products/services. We develop content to engage, convert, and retain customers and are made to adapt to the rapidly changing digital environment.

Your journey towards e-commerce excellence
Are you in search of a comprehensive and dynamic e-commerce solution provider? Your search ends here. We provide the best end-to-end e-commerce development services. We offer a tailored e-commerce site to fulfill the custom requirements of your business.

Combining professional design, commercial understanding, and a fast ROI
Our tailored and feature-rich e-commerce solution will ensure the success of your online stores, increasing the chances of conversion and boosting your online sales. We provide scalability, flexibility, and high-class management tools for your business growth. Our developers will provide you with a site that is optimized for search engines so that it can easily be found by your target customers.

A hassle-free shopping experience to customers
Trust us with e-commerce development for feature-rich and high-performance online stores that provide a hassle-free shopping experience. With our extensive experience, our e-commerce web development team aces at developing intuitive and user-friendly websites. Our online stores offer easy navigation structure and an ample number of selling opportunities.

Elevate your brand identity with our custom branding solutions.

Brand identity is a crucial element of any business. We, at Next Genisys, employ the best design talent around to give our customers the winning edge. Our team of designers has years of experience and are well aware of how important your brand story is. With a well-designed logo, potential clients can instantly discover your business. Our designers listen to your feedback to get your design 100% right. Whether you are launching a new business or reinventing an existing brand, our team of creative designers will create the best identity for your brand. Our designs are attractive, simple, and unique. We are here to help you build a brand that reflects your business vision and mission.

Our branding design solutions
Business Card

Drive Traffic, Leads, and Sales with our Expert SEO Strategies
Our SEO services are designed to earn your website more traffic and sales from Google’s organic traffic in a legitimate way in the long run. We help improve your website’s ranking, grab the attention of potential customers, and increase sales manifold. Our professional search engine optimization services are designed to get your business site optimized to get the most out of Google’s natural listings. We offer affordable packages and pricing for all types of businesses.

With our proven SEO strategies, you get

More visitors to your website
More inquiries from being found online
More leads
More sales
SEO Consultancy
Search Engine Optimization is a proven digital marketing strategy that is the most reliable long-term solution for online businesses. Our SEO experts attend to the requirements of your site and regularly upgrade the website to keep up with the changing algorithms.

Keyword & Market Research
With the relevant keywords, we can build a well-constructed website and have good search results so that when the customers search for a product/service, they find you and not your competitor.

Technical SEO Audit
The SEO process may sound simple, but it is more complicated than it looks. Fortunately, we have an incredible team of industry professionals ready to put their expertise to use and get you great results. Our services are designed for long-term and sustainable growth.

Link Building
We analyze your niche to look for high-quality links and find the best strategy that works for you and brings success to the SEO efforts.

On-Site Optimization
We analyze your website's structure and other key elements. Based on the information, we will recommend improved alignment & relevancy to target your own specific keywords. Our page title and Meta optimization services are specifically designed to recreate your page to attract more clicks in Google SERPs.

Reporting & Analysis
We provide you with monthly reports on what we do such as movement in conversions & revenue, analytics, and visibility. This way, the performance of your campaigns can be traced back to the investment and the priorities you have set.

SEO is future- proof!
If an effective digital marketing strategy is not prepared beforehand, it can be a big disadvantage for an organization. When it comes to SEO, what you do today will maximize your chances of success in the future. We create exceptional results!

If you want a more significant online presence and visibility that will inevitably lead to greater profits, call us today.

Social media is imperative for promoting your business online. It’s not just about likes and finding friends - it is now a leading way to find potential clients. A well-managed social media presence builds your brand, boosts your rankings, and generates inquiries. Whether you’re just getting started or trying to find your way on social media, we can offer expert SMM services to get social media working for you the way it should.

Expand your reach and increase sales
We deliver inspiring and unique social media campaigns that connect with target audiences, boost online presence, and encourage business growth. Our services are designed to keep you in total control of your brand messages across various social media networks. There are several social media marketing platforms requiring different techniques and strategies tailored for each. We will provide you with customized strategies to suit your needs.

What our SMM experts can do for you?
We provide SMM techniques and strategies for all the major platforms including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. We will help you to implement the right social media strategy that fits your business.

Boost your brand awareness & reputation
Attract quality web traffic
Create more leads
Drive more sales
Generate significant ROI

Google Ads is a fantastic way to reach out to your target market while they search online for businesses just like yours. Our consultants have the skills and expertise to manage all aspects of Google AdWords. We will work with you to set-up and run your campaigns to meet the marketing objectives of your business. We’ll take time to listen to your needs and find out about your business, so we can come up with a Google AdWords solution that really works for you and makes the most of every dollar you spend. Our Google AdWords PPC service will help you get the best from your marketing budget

Our Google AdWords Services

Keyword research and selection
Competitor research
Ads creation
Optimize landing pages
AdWords management
PPC monitoring
Campaign improvements/modification
Tracking & Reporting
Google Ads helps businesses attract new customers and increase their sales. We will review your Google AdWords account and come up with an effective strategy that will help to meet your business goals. We are creative and ingenious in allocating your AdWords budget for maximum impact.

If you’re looking for a simple, tailor-made email marketing service, look no further. Creating an email marketing campaign is a great way to reach out to your customers and let them know about the products/ service you offer. Email marketing aims to move your prospects from one stage of your sales funnel to the next. It is an essential marketing tool that is very effective in building brand loyalty.

Our Email Marketing Services
Email - Concept creation
Bulk Email Marketing
Email blasts
Analytics Implementation/li>
Gone are the days of mass send-outs. Email campaigns must now reach the right audience, with the right content at the right time. Be it researching and defining your email strategy or designing creative email templates, our team offers unparalleled service. We can create effective, eye-catching email templates that are perfect for your business.