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Mindkshetra is a place to create mind space. We are invested in nurturing your inner wellbeing, using counselling and art therapy. Our approach to Art Psychotherapy is based on - every individual is unique and can author their life stories through self-awareness.


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31 October 2020

Mindkshetra is a warm welcoming space. It was easy to relax and be myself and Rupa is professional and kind. I highly recommend this service.

30 September 2020

Rupa has a strong, beautiful, kind, loving and nurturing energy. Her intuitive guidance and ability to hold you, allows you to drop through to the vulnerable space where feeling and healing occurs. I am grateful to have been with Rupa in a creative and Safe environment where she effortlessly was a channel for love, creativity and grace at times where I needed it. I was able leave my inhibitions behind and open up and have great conversation. The Art Therapy helped me to connect with my inner self.. More...

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There are various things I love about my job - as my job allows me to fulfil a mission - my purpose in life - to support life stories. I also love the fact that I can do that using creativity.

Mindkshetra is based on the philosophy that every individual is unique and can author their life stories through self-awareness. I also believe that every individual is innately creative, however, while navigating the trenches of life, may lose touch with their inner wisdom. My practice aims to create a therapeutic space where the clients feel safe and supported to tap into their inner creativity by engaging in self-expression. Together we use your imagination to explore how to re-establish your mind-body connection and set you on the path to nurture your well-being.

I have learnt my from life experiences that while each of us is uniquely different we are commonly drawn towards connection both with self & others. I believe in meeting clients where they are at and providing a safe space to allow them to do so.



Counselling/ Art-therapy session offered in person, online or over the phone.

This is a session, for a group of family/friends or co-workers together to pause, express, reflect and connect.