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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Maker Street is a brand and advertising agency born to bring clarity to a myriad of business problems for some of Australia’s most ambitious leaders. Through creativity and design thinking, we provide the tools required to unlock insight, create meaningful connections and powerfully drive brave brands to something greater.

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7 April 2020

Working with Maker Street has been a fantastic long term partnership with us. Casey and his team are creative, dynamic and take our brands success personally. Could not be happier with the work they produce and the branding excellence that has taken our brand to the next level. More...


It’s so much more than most people realise.

Sometimes, it can be easier to get your head around what
a brand is not rather than what it is. When referring to
brand, sometimes we think of logos, identities, colours,
language etc. But a brand is none of those things. Sure, all
those things are great at representing a brand, visual and
verbal cues if you will, however they are not your brand.

A brand is the perception your audience has of you.
Think of it this way; if you’re business was a person, it
would be just as individual as you and I. It would have its
quirks, its uniquity, it might be provocative, it may act like
the queen, but it would definitely stay true to its purpose, it would always be itself.

We’re not saying it’s easy, standing out is hard.
Differentiation is key and people buy for some very strange reasons. Think of brand as a huge influencer in those decisions.

The art of persuasion through creativity.

Maker street is focused on creativity that sells. We’re not
about the pretty pictures. We don’t believe that design
should exist for the sake of design. Every piece of creative
work released to the world, is backed with conviction and
most importantly measurability.

In an era where media, reach and clicks can be bought
and traded so easily, the best way we’ve found to engage
with our client’s audience, is to focus on what they care
about most - themselves, and their time. We don’t push
mind numbing ads into the world that do nothing but
create clutter and turn people off.

Some of our clients don’t even refer to us as their
‘Advertising Agency’ anymore. Instead, they call us their
entertainment partner that helps them craft engaging
and entertaining pieces of content for their customers.
They just happen to move more product and make more
money as a result.

Now that’s, damn good advertising!