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At Lead Property & Cleaning services we are committed to delivering a unique experience.

We specialise in providing completely customised commercial cleaning and property management solutions for Melbourne Businesses and Body Corporates. Our priority when meeting a new client is to work with you to completely understand how your business / property operates so that we can right size your quote, and provide you with a level of service that fits you perfectly.

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The ability to find opportunities to simultaneously reduce a clients spend & improve the quality of their product by finding gaps in their current service offering

After working in the cleaning industry for 10 years as a a franchise operator we saw that a lot of clients, particularly smaller clients, weren't being looked after by the big players who were only interested in winning and turning over as much work as possible. We were excited to create a product that would be able to look after clients of all sizes - a much more personal approach to commercial cleaning

If you have the time to meet with us, or even to share your requirements or current scope of works, you will see how our approach to building a bespoke solution for you can maximise your value. We seldom fail to reduce a clients spend whilst simultaneously increasing the quality of their service offer.

We can quote your job remotely, but to get a real accurate image of things we really would prefer to do a walkthrough on site. The best case is to meet you there and discuss your requirements, pain points and expectations - but if you can't make it we can definitely work around your schedule

In March 2019 as Melbourne was recoiling from the realisation that COVID-19 was here, we set about putting in place changes to our standard cleaning processes that all cleaners have subsequently been trained on, and carry for reference. This includes changing chemicals used on surfaces (from surface cleaner to disinfectant), to add into the scope of works for all jobs cleaning of high traffic surfaces (door knobs, light switches, counter tops etc.) where these weren't already included and more frequent change over of cleaning cloths. Where clients had higher level requirements (i.e. working offices) we worked together to develop more comprehensive cleaning practices to supplement their existing scope of works.


All of your body corporate facility management covered under one umbrella - we offer apartment and body corporate office caretaking including regular cleaning, bin room & bins management, property upkeep, gardening, pressure cleaning, steam cleaning, window cleaning and the list goes on! We specialise in helping owners corporations minimise spend and drive value by bundling up all of your caretaking requirements and passing on the great rates we source with our suppliers.

Through the strength of our standard cleaning processes we focus on delivering a high quality product consistently. Our priority when supporting corporate clients is to deliver such a high quality, and seamless service that you and your team won't ever have to think about facility management, freeing you up to focus on your core business

One of our most frequent Specialty Cleaning services is Window Cleaning. Our cleaners have both the necessary equipment and experience to ensure your windows are like new

A key element of our product portfolio is Pressure Washing, from concrete walkways, to building walls and cladding we have the equipment and capability to service a wide range of your facility requirements:

> Pavement Pressure Washing
> Roof and Glass Ceiling Pressure Washing
> Building Walls/Cladding Pressure Washing
> Bins and Bin Room Pressure Washing