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Are you a Startup, passionate about starting up your own business, or looking to growing your business, but don’t know how? You could be looking for career growth, leadership skills or want to change your career. We can help!
We are a dedicated team of Certified Executive Coaches and Business Advisors, that can help you to build a solid foundation and then grow and scale your business.

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10 June 2021

Business & Career Coaching

I just don’t know where to even begin, so I will start with thank you Raj, Harry, and Rita, I cannot thank each and every one of you enough for your genuine advice, passion, knowledge, and patience. Especially Raj, I have learned so much from you in the past months, you have shared so much experience and knowledge to help me understand my personal blockages and what has been stopping me from my ultimate goals. And thanks to that, I have come up with a plan to help me get closer to my goals.
On top of that, I am really impressed with all the assessments I was given to do, they are so in-depth, accurate and have helped me so much with my personal development! It’s so fascinating to understand all types of personalities and how to work best with each type. I have noticed a significant improvement since I get to know more about them, this has helped me so much on how to work most effectively and efficiently with everyone in my team. Thank you very much, Raj, Harry & Rita! I wish you all the best XO

Keystone Business Advisory

Reply from Keystone Business Advisory

It was a real pleasure working with you Vy. It's even easier because you showed so much eagerness to learn and change. We wish you the best of luck with your new venture.

23 February 2021

Business Consulting

They provide step by step mentoring and advice for your best interests.

Keystone Business Advisory

Reply from Keystone Business Advisory

Thank you Klarissa. It is a pleasure to work with you and your team! We look forward to helping you grow and scale your business.

4 December 2020

“It is with fond memories that we met at the Novotel Norwest.  At that time I had doubled my staff and was not sure that the team personalities and dynamics would be combined into a dynamic and synergistic group.   The other concern I had; "did I know how to best communicate and approach the individuals and the team combined"?
Raj showed me the different personality types, EQ values and motivating factors that drive each staff member and myself.  This was a very big revelation and I was able to identify each person's strength and weakness.  Thus, allowing me to avoid a few potholes immediately and improve the way I communicate with my staff. 
My staff have also been trained with regards to their own personality and communication style as well as the rest of the team's.  This has resulted in a greater quality of communication and improved the general atmosphere in the office.  It has also made my life easier as things are happening a lot smoother, staff morale is very high, and they all seem to be a lot more engaged with work and finding solutions to the daily business challenges.
I have also been extending the staff training with Raj.  As to bring up all our staff knowledge and experience to a higher level.  This also addresses their need for self-improvement and advancement, they seem to appreciate it more than small pay increases (CPI index).  They are a lot happier; teamwork and mutual assistance have increased significantly.
I am very grateful for Raj's and team's patience, professionalism and showing me how to be a better leader, listener and communicator, not to mention increased sales and quicker turnaround times.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Raj and team.” – Rene M-CEO

4 December 2020

"We are a small but rapidly growing business in the building and construction sector in NSW.
` The strong growth trajectory was exerting pressure on the leadership capabilities of the senior team who had each come to their role with widely differing social and educational backgrounds, supervisory experience, exposure to learning and soft management skills.
| approached FocalPoint Coaching and Training from Bella Vista to assist with the introduction of leadership development program.
The program was comprised essentially of three components being an evaluation of each individuals behavioral profile and motivation, personal de-briefing and coaching to assist each person to build a personal development plan, and finally team workshops on change management, emotional intelligence, teamwork and communication. The FocalPoint team’s deep experience in learning and development, coupled with their access to cutting edge tools and a great passion for real improvement against their client’s objectives, underpinned the success of the program.
I cannot speak too highly of FocalPoint’s drive, commitment and focus on success.
The program has been extremely successful with each and every participant improving their personal leadership skills and contribution to their job and responsibilities through to our business performance.” - Alan McLaughlin, General Manager

4 December 2020

"I would like to record my appreciation of your excellent business coaching over the last few months. I have found your understanding of my ‘business problem’ refreshing and the strategies we have developed together, I believe, will give my business renewed purpose and direction. On a more personal note, the ability to simply share my concerns with a business minded peer has given me more peace of mind! You and your team have invested very heavily in me and I sincerely hope to be able to return the favour. The insights of the 2 Personal profiles you gave me to complete were truly amazing, It's possible that if I had done them 40 years earlier I would be in a completely different role than I am currently in. Anyone wishing to hire an executive should consider using Harry and his team’s expertise, it's 2nd to none! Thank you, Harry!” – Jeff Harper, CEO More...


Our positive approach, expertise and know-how in helping Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners and Individuals become successful in their business and career.
When our clients become successful, we become successful.
As Brian Tracy once said, "The key to Success is to Focus Our Conscious Mind on the Things We desire, Not the Things We Fear." Our satisfaction is when we help our clients break down the barriers to achieving success.

With over 76 years of team experience in the Entrepreneurial, Small Business and Corporate space, we had a different calling, to help other Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners and Individuals overcome their business and professional challenges so that they can realize their full potential and achieve business and career success much quicker than they thought possible.
We sought international certification and accreditation to ensure that the services we offer are world-renowned and proven techniques and strategies are at the heart of what our clients need and want to achieve success in every aspect of their lives.
Our personal values of honesty, integrity, transparency and commitment to our clients are paramount.

Our clients are at the centre of everything we do. We listen carefully and consciously to what our clients are saying, putting ourselves in their situation and then be able to provide them with the tools and strategies to overcome barriers and become successful in their business and career.
We have international accreditation in Business Coaching and Advisory. We are also authorized practitioners for a range of self-perception and psychometric tools for Motivation, Sales strengths identifier, Emotional Intelligence, DISC and more. This helps our clients to address the root causes of workplace problems and help them to build strong, dynamic and inclusive teams.

We are geared to provide Online, In-Person and Remote consulting, coaching and training services.
We currently run coaching sessions via Zoom

We are currently working mostly via an Online service. We observe and implement all government health directives regarding COVID-19 in our business and personal lives.
As new directives are announced, we are agile and flexible to be able to change rapidly to the changing business environment, always ensuring that we serve our clients to the best of our ability.


As Certified Executive and Business Coaches and Business Advisors, our expertise lies in:
- Executive Coaching

- Entrepreneurship and Small Business Growth Strategies

- Personal Development and Leadership

- Self-Perception and Psychometric Assessment Tools

- Sales Coaching and Training

- Team Building using an ISO accredited tool

- Employee engagement, productivity and Operational efficiencies strategies

Coaching Programs on:
- Executive Coaching Program
- Entrepreneurial Growth Program
- Your Business Success (for startups and growing businessines) includes strategic planning software platform
- Goal-setting
- Self-Mastery
- Communications skills
- Sales Cycle

We offer an amazing Sales assessment that will identify the strengths and gaps of the sales professional across each of the eight stages of the sales cycle, from prospecting to closing the sales and how to ask for referrals. We use the results to develop customised training and coaching programs that help businesses to grow and scale.

We design Business Plans and take you through your Plan.
We have specially designed coaching programs for Entrepreneurs and small business owners.
Our platform has helped over 60,000 businesses globally to grow and scale, incorporating a practical platform, that gives business owners complete visibility across every part of their business, including managing cash-flow.
We customise the program to suit your needs.