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Helen Cowley Coaching and Small Business Improvement Services support you in your Strategy, Business Development, Planning, and Growth phase.
Our goal is to develop general performance and profitability improvements in your business.
As consultants, we evaluate current issues and problems, review, report, and advise ways for small businesses, companies, not for profits, and entrepreneurs to reshape, change, and improve their working environment and outcomes.

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29 October 2021

Business Financial Planning

Very personable and adaptable to individual needs.


Reply from HelenCowleyCoaching

Thank you Geoff Appreciate your review


I love to see the lights go on with new ideas and new ways of thinking. People gain the confidence and determination to succeed with steps and plans they can implement. And they do! Our focus is to encourage, inspire, educate, and support small business operators and their development. We stand beside you to improve the knowledge, confidence, performance, and profitability of small businesses.

Lots of people asking me for help after developing and running my own businesses. To this, I have become highly qualified to ensure I know what I am talking about. I love encouraging and inspiring people to do and be the best they can be through better thinking and better results

I have both the experience and the qualifications to understand what is going on in their business. I am a big picture person. so I don't just take into consideration one small part but what else might be affecting that part.

Although Covid19 has affected delivery in many ways, I have delivered services throughout Australia. Currently much is provided via Zoom or whatever platform clients are comfortable with. However, on-site is just a matter of arranging the time and affordable transport to suit your time and budget. We stay in regular contact, with phone and email support services. We are at your service!

Covid-19 is with us for quite some time. We have a covid plan for on-site and make adjustments required for different sites where required.


Are you feeling overwhelmed? Have you lost your focus? Feel like your company isn’t growing?
Helen Cowley Coaching is all about helping you to take your business or organisation to the next level.
We help you to be the best possible you, you can be. Helen Cowley Coaching provides coaching to unlock the potential of individuals for better business outcomes.
Helen Cowley is an International Coaching Federation(ICF) ACC qualified coach. If you are looking for better business outcomes.

Why not?
So what is coaching and how does it benefit you!

It is most probably easier to say what coaching is not! It is not technical guidance, career counseling, consulting, mentoring, facilitating, or training. However, these are all areas where coaching can continue on from and add so much strength to all of the above. Coaching is about moving forward with firm objectives and purpose.
Leadership Coaching,
Excuitive Coaching,
Business Coaching,
www.helencowleycoaching.com.au Ph 0418 76931

Consulting Services with Helen Cowley Coaching
How does Helen Cowley Coaching help you and your business?
As consultants, we evaluate current issues and problems, review, report, and advise ways for businesses, companies, not for profits, and entrepreneurs to reshape, change, and improve their working environment and outcomes.

We identify opportunities for growth, strategy and business development, change, planning, management issues, and operational issues. We problem-solve performance, cultural change issues, profit improvement, processes, marketing and planning, and in some cases create disruption for a new competitive dynamic in their field.

We improve knowledge, confidence, performance, and profitability through our holistic services of consulting, coaching, training, mentoring, and facilitation packages first

We use an enquiring and facilitated process of evaluating, review and report; training on gap skills, to implementation over the long term with the coaching of individuals and teams to realize their full potential and mentoring to support improvement and change.

What keeps you awake at night?
Is your organisation or business working the way you want it to or do you stay awake at night worrying about something? The staff just not getting along the way they use to; conflicts, performance slowing, or other similar issues? General Team conflicts?

Want to be a leader in your field or “the best possible organisation you can be?’ Want to take your business to the next level, but not sure how?
Sales not as good as you want or need?
Implementing new or different systems, software or IT process and find your team pulling apart not together.
Helen’s aim is to make you:
“the best possible leader you can be, with the best possible organisation you can be”
We work to your timeline and budget.
Business Development
Strategic and business planning.
Financial benchmarking
Leadership development
Organisational Change
Developing high-performance cultures
Strategy and capability
Business and profit Improvement
Planning and Management
We improve your knowledge, confidence, performance and profitability. CALL NOW 0418 769531

Mentoring – your guide in providing support, giving feedback and someone to talk over your business with.
Being a business owner can be quite isolating – take advantage of Helen’s knowledge and experiences, use Helen as a bouncing board to discuss ideas, issues, Helen loves to support and share ideas for the benefit of her clients. Mentoring is development driven.

Helen’s Mentoring is about encouraging, challenging, nurturing, teach, and responding to whatever needs her client may have to develop themselves and their businesses. “Together we work together on whatever you need to help you achieve your goals and aspirations”.

Successful mentoring relationships last at least 6 months and can be a lot longer.
We would love to help you improve your knowledge confidence performance and profitabililty. CALL NOW 0418 769531

Helen Cowley Coaching runs numerous business retreats, boot camps, training, and workshops from 3 Hour programs to those that are delivered over a number of weeks. We will customise for your organisation on an individual workshop or as part of your organisations development or change process.

Helen Cowley has been contracted for the last 10 years to deliver TAFE’s Small Business Solutions programs which are accredited training and mentoring programs. These programs include Certificate iii Micro Business Operations, Certificate IV Small Business Management, and Diploma of Business Management. These programs are very hands one and delivered in a discussion-based way. The outcomes are that those enrolled walk away with very practical plans to develop their own individual businesses.
Non-accredited training:
Turn Your Idea into Reality
Building a Better Business
Marketing Masterclass
5 easy steps to turnaround your profit
Coaching leadership cultures that transform your success
Planning your Best year Yet!
Creativity 4 Marketing
Creativity 4 Possibilities
Planning for Success – development of your business plan
Bean counter Series -Series of financial workshops to help you understand the very important part of your business.
Come play a Game with the Future of your Business
For RTO’s wanting to hire Training services
Helen Cowley Qualifications for Delivery:
Masters in Business Administration (MBA)
Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurial and Venture Development,
Diploma of Leadership, Coaching, and Mentoring
Diploma in Management,
Certificate IV in Small Business Management,
Certificate IV Retail,
Certificate IV Leadership, Coaching, and Mentoring
Certificate IV Coaching for life and Business and a
Certificate IV Training and Assessment qualification,
Studies in Carbon Accounting, and an
Introductory to Franchising,
Crime prevention,
Community development,
Sustainability, and
Digital marketing
Not sure where to start – Contact us today for a free consultation
Visit one of your Play with the future of your business workshops – they are free for the first visit,


Helen Cowley Coaching will consult and facilitate your organisations business development processes:
Facilitation – The coordinator for collaborating and leading an unbiased process, being active and leading the discussion process but not getting missed up in the topic discussion, or emotions of the group. Guiding a team to a common conclusion or development of a common plan.

We support you to do the best thinking, encouraging participation of all, promoting mutual understanding and sharing responsibility for the outcome. We engage and thought provoke your ideas, processes and concepts and strategies.

We arrange and manage meetings and events for organisations whether a business team, a department or community organisation. This may be a focus session, workshops, strategic planning processes, conference events. We bring people together for consensus decision making on ideas, shared learning, development or planning processes.