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PLEASE NOTE: ~ QUOTES can be found at the end of this Profile Page (click show more) ~ I encourage you to please read my Profile page before contacting me.
***Unfortunately my highly successful sessions are not covered under government mental health plans, Medicare or private health funds but can be covered under disability funding if you have a personal plan or a plan manager.

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14 August 2021

This was an amazing experience and I felt shifts in myself immediately, Julie was exceptional throughout the process. Highly recommend

14 August 2021

My sessions with Julie were very informative, helping me shift areas I had no idea needed shifting but made so much sense. Julie was very easy to talk to, she was gentle and reassuring and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her. I would highly recommend having sessions to remove the root cause of any issue you have. More...

13 August 2021

I'm so glad and grateful that my very first experience with Root-Cause Therapy was facilitated by Julie. She gives a warm, loving and supportive space, and she asks effective but gentle questions to dig out the truth from my unconscious mind. In merely just one session, she helped cleared my anxiety around the driving test I should have done years ago (after the session I did pass my driving test), and also cleared a major limiting belief of "I'm not good enough", which was stopping me from doing a lot of things in life. I went on relieving more baggage and learning more profound truths about myself in further sessions with her. Overall, I felt safe in her hands, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her work to others. More...

12 August 2021

Julie does an amazing job making you feel at peace during the session. She was able to help me heal a limited belief I've had for 50 years. You're in great hands with Julie!!

12 August 2021

To say that I’m feeling super proud of myself right now is an understatement and that is all thanks to the amazing & eye-opening 8 sessions I had with Julie. As soon as I met her, she greeted me with such warmth, I felt at ease & felt like I had known her for years, she was very easy to talk to & never once judged me.

In the past, I've filled my time with gratitude tools/self-help books & seeing psychologist after psychologist, getting nowhere & feeling as though they weren’t hearing me or helping me. I was consciously aware of my thoughts and behaviours & then applying band-aid tools and processes that weren’t getting to the root of my problems.

I can now say with confidence, that I am worthy, I am powerful, I am open to love, I am not ashamed of myself, I am positive, I am enough, I trust both men & women, I love myself, I love my life, I love & feel safe in my body, I am proud of who I am, it's ok to be sad & cry, I don’t fear anything, I will get a career in real estate, I am strong, I am brave & I am loved. These are words that I didn’t think I would ever say together or feel.

If anyone else is thinking about getting help or wanting to know my information then please reach out to Julie. I am looking forward to seeing her again in the future & working through any negative beliefs that come up and need clearing.

Thank you Julie for the amazing journey. I got a glimpse into my future and it looks so bright, fulfilling, achievable & happy.

12 August 2021

Julie has been a tremendous help to me. She has helped me navigate through one of the most traumatic experiences of my life - my marriage separation and also coming to terms with being a single parent. Throughout this process she has been nothing but compassionate and kind, warm and gentle. What I love about Julie is that she helps you to see things from both perspectives and she is very honest and truthful, yet still always presents in a compassionate way. She has always made me feel validated and heard and she genuinely cares and speaks from the heart. Julie is very professional in what she does and her therapy is like no other. I've been able to make such a wonderful transformation in such a short time. Not only in the area of my marriage breakdown but with also with a debilitating chronic health condition, my level of confidence, my parenting, my happiness, my finances and other important areas of life. Unlike other forms of therapy, getting down to the specific root cause of an issue is what makes this so different. Working on these issues and negative beliefs in such a unique and specific way has allowed me to excel and to be well on the path to the person that I want to be. Each and every week I am gaining positive shifts and I couldn't be more thankful to Julie for all her support. She is a true blessing and such a genuine kind soul. So very grateful for the experience ❤ More...


Seeing the immediate change in my clients and their reaction after each session. I feel blessed and humbled that I am able to bring a sense of peace to my clients that they often haven’t been able to experience in a long time. Often my clients have tried various psychotherapists and modalities with little or no change, so to see the joy in their faces each week brings me so much joy.

After working for 11 years as a youth worker in residential care for homeless youth, I became very frustrated that the therapy I was sending these young people to wasn’t creating any change. The young people were frustrated too, going from psychologist to psychologist, trying DBT, CBT, EFT etc all in an effort to find a solution to their depression, anxiety, addictions & PTSD to name a few. All they seemed to be given to help was medication or tools to assist when they had triggers or were feeling anxious or depressed. They hated having to use the tools as it always took so much effort and often in the moment, it was the last thing they could muster the energy to use. I was feeling helpless to help these poor young people feel a modicum of love for themselves or find a little happiness.
I am so passionate about mental health and I knew there had to be a better way and so began my search. I came across Root-Cause Therapy and knew immediately this was what I was looking for. This was innovative and different! I loved what I read so much, I decided to start my own business and become a Root-Cause Therapist myself and am amazed, every time I work with a client, at the results it brings. It is food for my Soul.

When I take on a client it’s like taking on a friend. I’m so very passionate about mental health and am continually researching to hone my skills and gain greater understanding of mental health. My aim every time, is to get my client to the other side. I understand that people are not their behaviours but a product of their childhood traumas, so how can I ever judge choices and behaviours? I leave no stone unturned in my efforts for my clients to gain as much wisdom as necessary to release the past and gain a sense of peace that they so deserve. I do all this with a gentleness and genuine care for my clients. My clients are not just a number walking through the door or over video calls, I genuinely care and am determined to help.

Absolutely! This therapy works equally as well online. This can be done via Zoom, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger video call.

Most of my clients are online, however, for the few I have done face- to face I hire office space which has strict COVID restrictions, including check-in, hand sanitiser, compulsory masks and 1.5m spacing.


35 mins video call to ask any questions and discover more about Root-Cause Therapy and why it’s so successful.
This is also about you deciding if Root-Cause Therapy is a right fit for you and if Julie Scott is the right therapist for you.

For those who prefer to Pay As You Go per 2 hour session.
This can also be used as a sample session to confirm this is the right therapy for you and/or to experience the immediate change, which let’s face it, sounds a little unbelievable.
An 8 Session Pack is recommended to work more in-depth on all the beliefs formed during trauma (cheaper).

8 Weekly Sessions (2 - 2 1/2 hours each), which includes a comprehensive analysis of beliefs and fears carried by client. Between 1 - 4 beliefs/fears are worked on per weekly session.
Client will usually feel immediate change after each session.