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It takes passion, commitment and dedication to bring a product to market. Every product has a story that led to its development, and it’s this unique story that creates a competitive edge and a point of difference, and drives consumer buying decisions.

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It all began 2004 at the kitchen table of Kelly’s small apartment in Palm Beach (with her grandfather’s 486 PC) staying up late and taking on any job she could get her hands on. Kelly was determined to start her own business and through hard work and determination the computer upgraded and moved to a desk of its own, then a separate bedroom, then eventually a studio all of its own. After some great mentors and guidance the team grew and became a talented, award winning crew. Some of these spectacular designers still lead the studio. Now in a converted warehouse studio at Burleigh Heads the team prides itself on providing a creative environment small to medium business can come, work in person and experience a hands on approach to creating the visual identity for their business. The team has a strong emphasis on understanding how important it is for people to be connected to “The Dream” they are about to undertake of starting their own business


Stand out from the competition on the shelf with dog shampoo label design that’s not only appealing, but also connects with your target consumer and is professionally planned to make the logistics easy.

Achieving results in packaging and marketing execution starts with the right foundation: working with you on planning how to tell your story then executing through all the elements of your dog shampoo product branding design.

Optimise the commercial advantage of clever, connected branding and packaging design with an astute marketing strategy that clearly identifies your target consumer and the best channels and opportunities to connect with them.

Websites are not a one-size-fits-all. Do you need an overall company site targeting other businesses with relationship-building intentions, or a consumer driven website directed towards the customer directly to create loyalty? Whether it is one or the other, or both, our websites are built specifically for their purpose.