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Full Spectrum Education is an individualised academic educational company, aiming to empower each student to reach their individual potential. We focus on working to complement and support the student's school curriculum and exam schedule.

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20 September 2023

Our experience with Full Spectrum and in particular their tutor Kanchan Rattnam has been very refreshing. From initial consultation through to allocation of our educator the correspondence and attention to detail was excellent. Above all Full Spectrum are fortunate enough to have educators like Kanchan who has the ability to read children's personalities and leverage on their strengths while building confidence on their weakness's. Our son worked with Kanchan for over 12months and their relationship along with bond was very positive to watch unfold. I highly recommend you take the time to speak to Full Spectrum if you are looking for personalised tutoring. More...

20 September 2023

We previously had an absolutely wonderful tutor for my son and after he left Full Spectrum Education to pursue his career further, my son didn’t want another tutor (because he had been so fond of him).

So fast forward a year and my son being accepting of another tutor again, we naturally went back to Full Spectrum and have been matched with yet another amazing tutor.

I would highly recommend this business!

8 February 2022

I suspect that this tutoring organization is more geared towards tutoring for primary and secondary students. They tried to pair me up with someone with an expertise in another field re tertiary level in the STEM who was more the E/M in STEM rather than the T in STEM whose experience was only applicable for 1st year 'T" students regarding STEM but not applicable for people studying the "T" in STEM for 2nd and 3rd year uni students.

The thing is I don't understand why they bothered to send someone out to talk to me in the first place and waste their time when I already specified Computer Science as an area for tutoring; why couldn't they check their list of tutors first.

Here's what STEM is for those who don't know: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Science,_technology,_engineering,_and_mathematics

They did get back to me to me with their idea of a tutor rather quickly though. Tutor was interested in creating an app for their custom Ubuntu installation on their mobile as IT was not their focus of their background.

Also I tried to ask whether they had another tutor in the actual field but they never replied (I had been in hospital for a month) when I emailed so tutoring hadn't been a priority then and I didn't mention this fact in the email. I guess they assume I wasn't really interested in the tutoring and so they didn't get back to me; guess they didn't want to admit there wasn't anyone suitable.

Also they don't have a signup form for people who want to pay by payment upfront via bank details they insist on credit card details.

14 October 2021

I am so proud to be a part of this company. Together we will ensure that we impact lives and help our students feel valued and supported. Thank you to all of our families that support us. More...

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27 September 2021

with Full Spectrum Education you will find most dedicated teachers with years of experience who will have your chid's best interest at heart.

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24 September 2021

The FSE way is a team of passionate and dedicated professionals looking to make a difference through individualised curriculum focused teaching and learning experiences. “We don’t tell students what to do, we teach them how to do it” I’m very proud to be an educator at FSE! More...

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20 August 2021

Full Spectrum is a great service for tutoring students not only fir extra support but giving them confidence.

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18 August 2021

As a valued member of the Full Spectrum Education teaching team, I understand that our teaching and learning programs are something special! While I enjoyed teaching in a school setting, I longed for more time with each student, to give them the support they truly deserved... that's where Full Spectrum Education excels! Spending two hours each week with my students allows me to cater to each child's unique learning needs, and build a positive rapport with students and their families. I absolutely love working with FSE. More...

15 August 2021

Full Spectrum Education is such an amazing team of passionate and professional educationists… entirely focussed on the specific needs of the student … and with care and compassion.

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2 November 2020

Our senior daughter needing that focussed attention to boost the final result in the Maths Methods external exam last week. Joe was fabulous and gave that specific push on details that not only gave her confidence, but was a powerful use of her precious time. Joe was an awesome encourager and mentor. Thank you. More...

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I love giving the children the support they truly deserve. My time with my students allows me to cater to each child's unique learning needs, and build a positive rapport with the child and their families.

As a teacher I've always wanted to make a measurable impact on my students and this structure allows me to do just that.

I absolutely love the fact that I'm able to make a difference in their lives and I love what I do.

I mainly offer face-to-face teaching, however I have completed remote learning sessions at the request of my families.

We have a full COVID-19 safe policy in place which ensures a safe working environment for the children and teachers.


Full Spectrum Education is an individualised academic educational company, aiming to empower each student to reach their individual potential. We focus on working to complement and support the student's school curriculum and exam schedule. Regardless of current achievement level, every student will benefit from our educators' skills in providing individualised revision programs, exam preparation, and essential skill remediation or extension. Additionally, our educators care enough to provide the life coaching in self-esteem building and motivational training that every student requires.

Our educators are fully qualified within the Australian Education and Vocational learning system. This means your child will be taught the most current methods and relevant theories for their year level. Furthermore, each educator understands how to make the complicated look simple, adapting their approach to suit each individual learner. Acknowledging and understanding each student's needs are different, our sessions are tailored one-on-one allowing specific focused learning experiences addressing classroom content, revision and exam preparation.