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Digipanda, celebrates the digital diligence of Digital marketing strategies and powerful business expansion. We provide top to bottom media mix services, Search engine Optimization, content creation, Website Designing & Development, Social media, branding expertise and much more.

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Branding services include, Logo Design, Brand book solutions, brand collateral designs, brand name, story & strategies and marketing tools such as Viral or Influencer marketing. This service helps you attain an unmatched brand positioning that quickly elevates your organization’s stature.

In the era of social media, all it takes to impact your business’s reputation is one dissatisfied customer! Responding to negative reviews is always an intimidating task, even when you’re experienced in dealing with unhappy customers. It can be quite a task to maintain balance when every second counts. But consistency is the key for achieving high-quality response, escalation and resolution. If your business receives negative remarks from anonymous customers you’ve never served, we’d make sure to block such profiles from building on to the negativity, minimizing risk of future attacks.

Do you know how a highly responsive website exponentially elevates the brand image for a business? What if despite of allocating all these features, you are unable to obtain enough leads? Convert your website into a leads manufacturing machine that provides knowledge based nurturing hence generating sales automatically. Giving a SEO and user friendly interface that delights your browsing experience is the bottom line of our website designing service.

Most of the agencies focus on rankings and not revenue. This makes it quite unclear for the client who is only interested in Profits. It is great to have traffic and rankings for your website, but if they don’t actually convert into clients, who cares? Well, we do! Hence, we don’t just push traffic but relevant traffic & significant rankings for your site that boosts sales for your business.

Digipanda, with the detailed reports (annual and weekly) evidently submits its ethical SEO practices that assures Brand safety. The SEO experts who have the experience of working in every industry will build for you a comprehensive SEO Strategy.

We help you design the most relevant content on the basis of your business. The content creation services are subtly incorporated with your digital marketing goals.

No advancement in the digital market has been able to dethrone content and its aspects of helping a business in successful branding activities, converting sales and/or retaining customers. As the heart of digital experience content is the most affluent player at every platform-website, display ads, social media posts and email marketing ads.

In the digital era, the customer buying behaviour has dramatically changed. Not only are your customers very well informed but also adept at various social media practices that allow them to make just the right decisions. 73% consumers look for your social media handle to understand more about your product/service and learn from other users’ experiences. Social Media Optimization is something your business just can’t live without!

Even if you are not new in the digital marketing business, taming a huge market through video production is a whole new beast. Videos unlike content are successful with a larger group of audience. In fact, it resonates extremely well with one and all.

PPC is the single most influential advertising that can double your leads and sales at lightning speed. It is the reason why most of the digital marketing advertisers seem to invest in the service, despite of little or no profits due to the cut throat competition in the market. This is the sole reason why we don’t simply stop at optimizing your PPC Campaigns, instead, we build profit generating landing pages to optimize your conversion at a reduced cost.