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David Madden Photography has been shooting people centric photography for over 15 years and primarily Weddings and Family Portrait Photography for the past 12. We have shot Weddings all over NSW, wider Australia and in Europe too giving us a wide base of experience and a unique style of Shooting.

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Being in the right place at the right time and this only comes with experience

How long do you want photographic coverage for and what is important to you in theses photographs I will create.

Meeting new people in happy circumstances and creating beautiful images for them

To be able to put my own creative style into every photography I make

Photography is very subjective so they should choose the style of photography that resonates with them. If thats my style of creating an image great, then they will find someone who leaves no stone unturned in my preparation and I consult with my clients at every step and don't assume I know what they want.

Photography needs to be in person but editing is done remotely.

I always practice good Health & Safety and wear a mask if so required.