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Micaella Stone

Today's photoshoot was amazing from the locations, the props and lighting. I would highly recommend Mark for all you photo needs.


Aaliyah Rei

Working with Mark was an amazing experience. He is attentive, professional and very talented. I cannot wait to see all of my photos from him and would definitely recommend him to anyone I know!


Angela La Muse

Such a pleasure to work with. Resulted in some of my favorite photos to promote my pin-up and burlesque career! Thank you Mark :)


Sarah Lynn

Mark was a pleasure to work with. His sharp eye, plethora of props and knowledge of the appropriate eras made shooting with him a blast! If you're looking for pinup he is certainly a wonderful choice! More...


Henry Tat

Mark was very good to work with as it was my first time doing a photo shoot. The pictures came out great. It was a lot of fun!


Samantha Bourget

We had Mark do our first family photo / our son's first birthday as one photo session. We are so happy with the results, they are unique, fun, and look fantastic. Mark is creative, patient, and professional. Can't wait to do more photo sessions for future occasions! More...


Karla Chin

As a makeup artist I’ve had the opportunity to work with Mark on various projects.
He is professional and very talented. He has a great attention to detail. I love posting the final images, as they are all so wonderful. I would highly recommend booking a shoot with him. More...


Stephanie Fin

Loved it. Super fun event for the bachlorett party! Mark was easy to talk to, made everyone feel welcome and was quick to get us some of the proofs to look at!


Раїса Ваткин

Mark is a very passionate, detail-oriented, and knowledgeable photographer. He has some of the best props and photoshoot ideas! It was a great experience working with him; I would recommend his work to others especially if they love vintage/retro as much as I do! Thank you again! More...


Fallon Wolkowski

Working with Mark was probably one of the best experiences I've had yet! Very professional and creative. I had a great time! I would highly recommend him if you're looking for a wonderful atmosphere and great photos! More...


Jeff Bachynski

I can't believe the attention to detail that Mark displayed. It was a pleasure to watch a real professional at work. Lighting , equipment , and the passion to get the perfect shot.
It shows in the pictures of my daughter!
I will be using him for sport pictures for my older daughter.
Thank you again Mark!


Danielle Payette Serceau

Wow! What a great expereince working with Mark today. I am usally behind the camera so trusting someone else to be there can be hard. Mark had a great vision, explained the shots well and made me feel so comfortable. I hope to work with him again! More...


Philip Tat

It was great working with Mark! I wasn't sure what to expect as this was my first experience taking photos in a studio type setting but I had a good time. It was fun seeing his excitement when he felt like he got the right shot. I like how the photos turned out but the dark backgrounds photos were my favourite ones even with all the participants. The contrast between the background and focused image was very nice. Thanks for taking the time to take some photos of us. More...


Mélissa Perron

Mark and I had planned on working together for a few months. It was great to see that both of us were going above and beyond to make this photoshoot happen. Within a second of actually meeting there was nothing but comfort, there was no stress of working with a new photographer whatsoever. He knew right away how to engage and make it comfortable. I walked in and was overwhelmed by all the props he had for a variety of shoot. We right away got to work as everything was already prepared and ready for us to begin. Mark is very professional and had his ideas lined up and made them work very well. The day flowed by with the various shot we had planned and worked on together. His idea were clear and it was easy to put his vision to fruition with his guidance and directions. The day went extremely fast and my only thought was, wow, we could have gone for much longer with both his ideas and mine. I would highly recommend Mark and I am looking forward to see the photos and to work with him again! Mark is one resourceful and very professional photographer! What are you waiting for to book your shoot? More...


Vanessa Yang

I'd reached out to Mark to collaborate with him as a makeup artist on some of his shoots. We decided it would be pretty cool for me to actually experience his work first hand and go from behind the scenes to in front of the camera. I was so nervous the days leading up to the shoot, but Mark was fantastic at calming my nerves! He is so professional, extremely knowledgeable and passionate about his work. He helped guide me through all the poses and shots. It was so helpful how great he was at communicating what he needed for the shot which made being the model that much easier and so much less pressure. In the end this is an experience I will never forget. I would recommend Vintage and Vogue Photography to anyone! You will not find a more unique, detail oriented and creative photographer anywhere! Thank you Mark! More...


Jen Zynoberg

I won my photo shoot at The Guardian Angel Cancer gala this past October. I think this was the best prize I have ever won! It was great working with Mark. He sure knows what he's doing. Mark has a great collection of outfits to choose from, he has so many wonderful props! I was in a 1940/50's heaven when I walked into his studio! I had so much fun channeling my inner Marilyn that day, I hope to work with Mark again in the future. Thanks so Very Much Mark, you made it so easy to be in front of the camera More...


Courtney Jade

I had a great time working with Mark at Vintage and Vogue Photography! We spent the afternoon together working both inside and outside. I had the use of their vintage clothing collection and we were able to pick some great outfits to wear. He had some great ideas for the shots and a wide variety of props to use, including a 1950 Dodge and antique camera. We did a classic vintage shoot with some added some film noir style and a touch of "Femme Fatal." I had a blast working with Mark and would definitely make the drive out again! More...


Tina Antonation

I had an absolute blast working with Mark of Vintage and Vogue Photography. Being my first professional photoshoot I didn't know what to expect and was a bit nervous days leading up to the shoot, that quickly changed when Mark opened the door and welcomed me to his studio. He is so organized and explained everything we were doing with the shoot. I was so comfortable throughout the whole shoot and Mark's professionalism and expertise shines through every aspect from his cues to the poses and lighting, right through to the finished product which completely blew me away. I can't thank him enough for the beautiful images he created (seriously couldn't believe it was me in the photos!!) I highly recommend doing your own shoot with Vintage & Vogue and look forward to working with Marvelous Mark again :) More...


Mike Maskell

I was involved in assisting in a photo shoot with Mark at my aircraft hangar at an airport north of Winnipeg. From frist meeting to watching him meticulously set up each shot with regard to lighting and the position of the model, he was an extreme professional. It was amazing to see how he put the model at ease and was able to exract the best from each photo. More...


Trace Geworsky

Absolutely amazing and extremely professional! Everything was so well organized, and laid out. Mark had examples printed out of the poses he wanted me to do for the different sets, as well as countless props.
Had a wonderful day with this photo shoot, and Mark is an extremely talented and gracious photographer.
I would highly recommend him!

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