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Kaylene Ledgar - Holistic Life and Communication Coach

Frankston South, VIC

Kaylene Ledgar - Holistic Life and Communication Coach logo

Kaylene Ledgar - Holistic Life and Communication Coach

Frankston South, VIC


Are you feeling frustrated in how your life is unfolding?
Are you struggling to connect with your "why" in this life?
Are you ready for a change but don't know where to start?

I've been there and I know that with the right support, you can awaken your true purpose in life, you can create extraordinary breakthroughs and thrive living the life your were meant to live.



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That 'aha' moment when my clients make life changing breakthroughs is truly priceless. It is something special to see someone go from struggling to clarity and beyond. It is a privilege to work with extraordinary individuals and be part of their personal journeys. They invite me into their lives and we work together to help them breakthrough and realise their dreams, their goals, their true path.

Before my Dad passed in January 2019, he told me he lived his life with "no regrets". This was my turning point.

For a number of years before hand I had been working towards developing my skills so I could move out of my Public Service leadership role and become a full-time coach

Coaching and mentoring was part of my role in the Public Service as a leader and as a volunteer leader in Toastmasters International.

I knew this was what I wanted to do and after Dad passed, I decided I wanted to live my life with 'no regrets'. I left from my 26 year career in the Public Service and I am following my dream.

My clients relate to me because I have struggled to find my purpose in life. I have lived with low self-esteem and fought the demons in my head. I have seen my dreams evaporate and lost all hope.

What I have learnt is that we humans are resilient, unique souls and with the right support we can find our true path!

We can all awaken that spark in us that truly makes us come alive.
We can with the right support have life changing breakthroughs.
We can thrive living the life we were meant to live.

As a Holistic Life and Communication coach I bring a unique set of skills and experience to the coaching partnership. I will provide you with a safe space to explore you and your life direction. I will ask, sometimes tough questions and this is where you will experience the greatest breakthroughs. While I am the coach, it is your coaching session and you will always be in control of the direction we will take. This is a partnership, where you are the focus.


1:1 Coaching conducted online. Out of session support by email or messenger or text. Additional resources as appropriate to clients needs. While a one-off session is available, clients normally sign-up for monthly coaching package.