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Welcome to Be Happy Again.

I'm on a mission to help people struggling with anxiety or depression learn how to get unstuck and overcome their condition as quickly as possible, so they can take their life forward in a happy and meaningful direction.


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28 May 2020

Leon was an absolute godsend! His approach to my issues and how to deal with them were exactly what i needed when i was at my witts end and had almost just accepted that this was how it was. It was almost as if he knew exactly what techniques i would need to unlock my brain from the loops I would recommend Leon to anybody that is struggling and needs some kind of help More...

20 May 2020

Fantastic therapist - I’m very grateful to have found Leon. Our weekly sessions are something that I do look forward to, which is something I never thought I’d say. He has provided me with amazing skills and insights, and I felt immediate results. More...

16 April 2020

I was blessed to be referred to Leon from a friend. I must say I was nervous about
trying something different. Dealing with a very difficult traumatic time from my past I needed to find someone I felt comfortable with. Someone I could open up to and trust with my deepest feelings. Leon is very calming, nurturing and we connected on a level I never thought possible. The amazing level of care, patience, compassion, guidance and understanding was exactly what I needed. As anxious as I was to talk to someone about a past experience I knew I was in a safe environment with no pressure. I would definitely refer you to Leon if you are looking for a compassionate and skilled person to listen and really understand your story and help you to move forward. Leon has helped me in ways I didn’t believe at the time was possible. More...

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Hearing about all the positive outcomes my clients experience.

To help people find a compassionate, drug-free, straightforward and most importantly a highly effective treatment for anxiety and depression.

Not all therapists are the same.
Here's a sample of what my clients have to say:
"I can finally say that for the first time in many years that I feel at peace and happy". Tony
"Getting help from Leon was the best move that I have ever made". - Rosie
"I can't thank you enough for the tools and wisdom you have shared with me". - Aria
"I now have control of my life". - Anna


Learn the most effective strategies specifically designed for your situation, to bring an end to your emotional pain, increase your coping skills and other empowering behaviours, and make long-term life changes.