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How much does Rewiring cost?

Average Price
$4,000 - $12,000

What is the price of Rewiring?

If you’re looking to hire an electrician to rewire your home, we’re here to help. We’ve put together this handy price guide so you know what to expect when you’re hiring an electrician to rewire your property.

What is Rewiring?

Properties over 30 years old that still have their original wiring are likely to need rewiring. This is because wiring can deteriorate or become damaged over time. Modern standards have evolved to ensure safety, so most older properties won’t meet these new safety standards.

To make sure that safety standards are being met, it’s recommended that your wiring is inspected every 10 years by a registered electrician. Even newer houses may require rewiring if the existing wiring is damaged or has been tampered with by a DIY-enthusiast.

When a house is rewired, it typically involves the circuit breaker box being upgraded and the existing wiring replaced. This is also a good time to choose to have more power outlets added to your home for your appliances, phone chargers, televisions and computers, or extra switches for your convenience.

Your property is also likely to need rewiring if you’re planning a renovation project such as an extension or converting your garage or attic into living space. This is because your existing wiring will need to be upgraded to safely carry the additional load.

There’s no denying that rewiring your home is generally a major job and a large expense. However, faulty wiring can be extremely hazardous, so rewiring may be essential. Old or faulty wiring can cause circuits to blow, frequent power cuts or even electric shocks and house fires, so it’s imperative to book an inspection with an electrician if you suspect that your home may need rewiring.

How much does Rewiring cost?

Rewiring your property can be costly. However, it’s often essential for both safety and modern convenience. It’s important to know how much rewiring your home is going to cost before you commit to hiring an electrician.

The price of rewiring your home will depend on several factors. The most significant of these is the size of your property. Although there is no fixed rate, a breakdown of the average costs of rewiring a home based on local Canadian professionals is given below.

Average cost of Rewiring
Average cost$5,000
Minimum cost$2,000
Maximum cost$12,000

What changes the price of Rewiring?

The price of rewiring your home will depend on several factors including:

  • Property size

  • Whether a full or partial rewire is required

  • Location

Property size

The most significant factor to take into consideration when you’re thinking about the price of rewiring your home is the size of the property. The larger your house, the more wiring needs to be done and the more costly it will be. There will be much more wiring to replace in a four-bedroom house than in a one-bedroom apartment, so it will be more expensive to replace.

Unfortunately, there’s no set price for rewiring different sizes of property. However, a breakdown of the average costs of rewiring a home based on local Canadian professionals is given below.

Average cost of Rewiring based on the property size
House sizeAverage cost of rewiring
One-bedroom apartment$4,000
Two-bedroom townhouse$7,000
Three-bedroom townhouse$10,000
Four-bedroom detached$12,000

Full or partial Rewiring

It goes without saying that partially rewiring your home will be cheaper than fully rewiring it. You can sometimes avoid paying for a full rewire if the existing cabling is in good condition and able to carry any additional loads required.

If your reason for rewiring is to prepare for renovation work such as an extension or a garage conversion, you may be able to choose to partially rewire your property to keep the costs down. Partially rewiring involves upgrading to a new circuit breaker box to give you the capacity for the additional load required.

The average price of upgrading to a modern circuit breaker box can vary. However, a breakdown of average costs is given below.

Upgrading to a modern circuit breaker box
Average cost$500
Minimum cost$250
Maximum cost$800


There are likely to be regional variances in the cost of hiring an electrician to rewire your property, depending on your province. This is due to the differing regulations between provinces, along with the varying levels of competition and costs of running a business in each province.

For example, in Ontario, the contractor is free to set their own rates for jobs, but these are regulated under the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) so that you won’t be overcharged. In Nova Scotia, however, prices are set by the Utility and Review Board (UARB), who are responsible for setting labour costs.

Is it worth getting Rewiring?

Damaged or deteriorated wiring can be extremely dangerous, so rewiring your home may be essential. As well as causing power cuts and fuses to trip, poor wiring can also lead to electric shocks and house fires if not dealt with.

When you’re thinking about extending your home or converting your garage or attic into living space, you may find that you need to rewire your home first. This is to create capacity for the additional circuits required for the new living space.

If you’ve moved into an older property, the chances are your wiring will need to be updated. You’ll need to check whether the house has ever been rewired from its original wiring. Old wiring typically doesn’t stand up well to today’s modern safety standards and isn’t built for the capacity we need today, so it will probably need updating.

It’s always best to contact an electrician to carry out an inspection on your wiring if you’re unsure about whether your property may need to be rewired. After all, they’re the experts. They’ll be able to tell you whether there are any safety issues with your current wiring and whether it could be improved through rewiring.

Damaged or deteriorating wiring can be dangerous, so you should never take your chances. Find an electrician on Bark today and get a quote for rewiring your home.

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