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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


Life, Interrupted

Let’s face it: every now and then life throws a massive curve ball at us. It may leave us feeling shocked or vulnerable, lost or unsure how to cope. There may be times of frustration or very little hope. Deep down inside we know what is no longer working anymore.

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16 December 2020

I was a very fortunate being who experienced your coaching first hand. I so appreciate how you were able to hold a calm presence no matter what I was going through. You made it such a safe place to open up, face my vulnerability and come away calmer, clearer and more resolved. You helped me see things just by experiencing some of your exercises that seemed so simple and easy and yet were very profound. I cherish the gratitude I have from this time with you. I wish you every well deserved success and am happy for all who get to experience your kind and gentle guidance. More...


The power of coaching! Seeing pe clients succeed as they work through their gremlins and shift their mindset to one that supports their highest good. It is such a great pleasure and honor to be able to assist people in this manner.

I love to hold compassionate space for others and support them in reaching their goals. To be able to inspire and empower others to thrive and shine. I love to see people succeed and be happy. We are all deserving of that.

As my client you will feel very comfortable in my online presence and know you won't be judged or criticized. I will treat you with respect and compassion. I will help you to identify what's been holding you back, and guide you to move past those thoughts/beliefs. I will guide you as you step into a better version of you, living from your core values, and moving toward successful completion of your goals. I am intuitive and have a knack for noticing patterns.

My services are offered online - primarily on Zoom but I am flexible with skype, whatsapp or Facebook messenger.
I am located in MST time zone (Alberta) and coach people all over the globe.

As an online business I keep my customers safe from Covid-19.


Life throws us intense curve balls at times where we have no choice but to adapt and learn a new way of being. It may leave us feeling shocked or vulnerable, lost or unsure how to cope. Transitional coaching is for those who have survived a major life event that has challenged their sense of identity, purpose and direction. For those who have a desire to take a good honest look at themselves (who am I becoming?), identify and challenge limiting beliefs, and move forward with clarity, purpose and peace of mind. Examples of surviving a major event include a life saving surgery, illness recovery, or change in life role ( widows, divorcees, step parents).

Regardless whether a loved one’s death is sudden or anticipated, nothing prepares us for their absence. After a loss it is common to feel shocked, lost, confused, suspended, numb or in denial. There are many questions about how to move forward without our special someone. How will I pay the bills? What support will I need to help me with day to day living? Who am I now they aren’t here? There may be other concerns such childcare, personal health or lack of emotional support. Trying to resume working can be extremely challenging during this time.

There are 3 components to bereavement coaching: First, to acknowledge and come to terms surrounding your loss. Second, to explore how you are personally impacted by the loss and ways to bring further support into your stage of transition. Third, begin to see a way forward and set gentle & obtainable goals to navigate the shift towards your “new normal”.

You know what you want to achieve in life. But each time you set out to do it you notice those old self sabotage thoughts and beliefs stopping you in your tracks.
Mindset coaching explores ways to rewire habitual patterns to new ones that support you in successfully completing your goals.