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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


PoojaBharat your personal relationship and conflict resolution coach. We are UR Best Coach team, a Leading stress relief provider in Indo-Western world nested with the techniques of Ancient India combined with the western science contribution.


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8 August 2020

I wanted to give up and just finish myself :( having no reason for life. This was unbelievable session with Pooja to get a response to leave. Thank you God, I want to live and help others like me. Bless you Pooja. More...

8 August 2020

My relationship was having all sort of issues and always felt like crying for myself. The day, I started coaching with pooja my relationship was like a charm. I got everything I was missing. Feeling so relaxed and happy. After 10 sessions it was like a different world for me.

Thanks to pooja giving us life back.

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Helping clients to achieve the outcome required to transform life for the future.
-Communication in Relationship

After being in to several problems and discovering the method that works with ease and effortlessly, we made it our career to help our community to come out from stress and anxiety of relationship.

We are the couple who knows the relationship challenges we designed our own Relationship transformation academy, with easy to follow and customised solution that has been working for many of our clients and will work for you.

Why we are so sure about the success?
Imagine a couple have experienced everything what have you been going through now with your relationship with other and with self. They have come up with a scientifically proven method to improve understanding between you guys and have even more happiness every day.



PoojaBharat is a leading stress relief provider in Indo-Western world nested with the techniques of Ancient India combined with the western science contribution. We often describe stress as feeling over loaded, wound up, tense and worried and occurs when we face a situation we feel we can't cope up with.

We offer an affordable, scientific solution for individuals who're looking for stress recovery sessions.Our program offers one-on-one coaching and group workshops offering various modalities and tools that cultivate sustainable well-being.

Our philosophy is to offer quality treatment at substantial prices. We have successfully helped many people over the past few years to overcome suffering and start living again.

We believe that understanding our mind is the key to overcome stress. You'll learn what doubts, fears , beliefs you've that causing stress to you and not allowing you to grow!

Anxiety is a natural reaction to a stressful situation associated with the constant feelings of worry, nervousness and fearfulness.

Anxiety is affecting our day-to-day life, and your coach can help you with your own mental health concerns, including anxiety disorders.Everyone feels sad, moody or low from time to time yet when we persistency stay in anxiety loop that may turn into developing chronic physical conditions.

PoojaBharat is a leading stress relief provider in Indo-Western world nested with the techniques of Ancient India combined with the western science contribution.

Your coach will develop a strategy to work through your own challenges, improve your relationship, achieve your goals and cope with the tricky situations. Every situation is unique and you'll work one on one with your coach to get you in control.

Being human, staying in a strong relationship is one of our true deep unconscious desire and we can't exist in solace. Yet most of us put up relationships at stake or at par because we take our relationship taken for granted.

When a difference arises in relations, it can truly take a toll on your physical health and mental wellbeing, it also affects on your emotional wellbeing. You'll be left with just feeling overwhelmed in the situation with less confidence and more anxiety and stress.

Research shows that having stressful relationship in your life brings you more down at negativity and you become emotionally unavailable.
Imagine pouring your passion for love & care into your relationships. The science says 95% of your happiness comes from your relationships, from the love and connection you put with your partner and loved ones.

A relationship is not only the relation of your soul partner, this is the relation that you have with your blood relatives, with your family & friends. And relationship coaching is not a therapy, it’s a process to develop your inner strength and empower you to find solutions by looking inward.

Our Relationship Framework transforms negative patterns or behaviours by letting it taking lessons from them and install positive behaviours with proper communication, building self-awareness and understanding genuine relationship first with yourself then with your loved ones.

This program is not for everyone, this program is only for those who will take and accept the responsibility for yourself and your partner.
Before you finish reading this, here is one tip you can implement in your own relationship.
Develop your vision for your relationship like what you want to achieve in it and let this be very clear in your mind and soul because you are about to create what you want.