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True Personal Training Carss Park, 252 West Street, Carlton NSW, Australia


Falacy: you need to just go hard each training session!
Fact: depending on the weekly training cycle will dictate how hard the training session should be. Because you can't train at 100% every training session.
When you are over 40 it takes more than just training to get you results.

Mobility, Movment, Strength, Nutrition and Rest


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Specialised training sessions by industry leaders. Experienced and tailored personal trainers to keep you active and mobile towards your goal.

Through our 1 on 1 personal training sessions, we incorporate boxing for fitness to give an all round cardio workout.

When it comes to increasing your energy and maximising your performance in the gym, nutrition equates to 70% of your performance.

We'll tailor a nutrition plan to your specific dietary needs, including vegan and vegetarian meals.

We also program according to weight loss, maintenance or muscle gain programming.