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16 December 2019

I was once a 16 year old guy with aspirations of joining the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) as a fast jet pilot. The only problem at 17 I weight over 110kg and can barely run 50m. The years keep coming 2016 becomes 2017. In 2017 I took the first steps to join the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and get in contact with Defence Force Recruiting (DFR) and set up a YOU-Session (Your Opportunities Unlimited). After going through an aptitude test I was taken into a room with a careers counsellor who told me that I was eligible to become a pilot after I graduate from Year 12 achieving passes in all of my subjects and successfully completing additional testing for pilots. I attempt the pilot testing at the end of 2017 and fail which is heartbreaking but I am told I can try again in a year. 2018 comes around and so does my HSC. After passing everything to the surprise of myself and all those around me I re-attempt the pilot testing at the start of 2019 after 3 months of studying I finally pass what I thought was my biggest challenge yet, I would soon be shown otherwise. After being told I had been deemed eligible to be a pilot I was berated by a psychologist for being overweight and not “capable of looking after myself”. I had never had any interest in sports or fitness so I never took part in them, that I believe is the majority of the reason why I was so overweight at 16 and not getting any lighter. When I left DFR for the day after the talking-down I drove to RAAF Williamtown to remind myself of why I wanted to join the ADF and specifically the RAAF. With new energy, I began slowly watching what I ate and initially trying to eat less than 8000kj a day. A small step but in the right direction. I soon realised that this wasn’t working so I dropped down to 6600kj (1500 cal) a day, better results but still not what I wanted. Then I looked and saw that 5020kj (1200cal) is the lowest amount of energy intake that is still considered healthy. After dropping from 107 to 95kg I joined THF on the 8th of October. I put out an ad asking for a personal trainer to help me reach my goals and get stronger. About a day after posting the ad I got a call from Jimmy at what is an ungodly hour of a 19 year old, 7am. He spoke with me a bit and suggested we have a chat later that day, in my barely awake mind I agreed. A few hours later I was at the studio telling Jimmy my life story and goals. Together we decided that 2 sessions a week will be able to get me ready to join the RAAF by the end of the year. I need to achieve 20 sit-ups 10 pushups and a beep test score of 6.5. That was nearly 4 months ago, I can now consistently do 30 pushups, a beep test of over 7.0 with a high score of 8.5, and 5 pushups with proper form. Jimmy has worked with me and tailored each session to how I am performing and feeling. He is incredibly passionate about fitness and it shows in every session, it is evident that Jimmy really cares about his clients and wants them to succeed which is exactly what you want in a personal trainer. On the 16th of December, I weigh 85kg an incredible 22 kilograms of fat loss in a year all of it due to self-determination and help from others. My strength and mental wellbeing, on the other hand, is because of Jimmy’s care for his clients and I believe it would be accurate to say his friends. TL;DR 10/10 great trainer who cares about his clients and is passionate about his job. More...

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13 December 2019

10/10 , excellence in personal training

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4 November 2019

Great approachable staff and THF. I started my journey just over 1 month ago and have loved every minute. Thanks to my awesome PT Jimmy I’m well on my way to fit into my wedding dress and look fab for my wedding in 1. 5 years :) highly recommend!! Also very flexible around schedule and understanding of commitment!!! More...

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