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Hello, we are Kane and Lisa and we Online Body Transformation Coaches.

We specialise in helping people lose or gain weight in a healthy and sustainable way without any dieting, meal replacement shakes or diet pills. What we do, is teach people how to train just the right type and amount and, eat heaps of delicious foods to maximise their results

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A great nutrition plan that promotes increased health while being sustainable and enjoyable is absolutely critical to long term and permanent success.

We look at a clients environment from there home, to place of work and the gym and create plans the fit into their busy routine that they can sustain. We look at what habits they need to work on to really take their transformation to the next level and then work on those one at a time.

There is no secret ;) It takes hard work and time. You are learning new skills that you may never have done or heard of before and that takes time and many, many stuff ups to get right. This is why you have a trainer to guide you through this time to make it as easy as possible.

Seeing people achieve something that thought was impossible.

Living a healthy life, training and eating right literally saved my life and it is now my passion (kane).

We give people a simple, honest and no bullshit approach to body transformation with 30years of research proven and peer reviewed training and nutrition coaching. No gimmicks, no meal replacement shakes or diet pills, just effective training and science based nutrition.


This is our services page with all the details on everything we offer.