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Agnes Banks

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i approach your health and fitness journey focusing on quality over quantity, the Basics of fitness and the foundation building process that is required, long term gains over short term solutions and purposeful training over randomized.

I am on a Mission to Build as many Strong, Pain-Free, Confident bodies as i can!

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The Maestro’s approach to your health and fitness is all about getting you STRONGER, giving you PAIN-FREE muscles and joints, and rewarding you with a CONFIDENT, aesthetic body as a bi-product of your training. When all 3 Aspects are combined it makes for the most optimal well-rounded athlete.

Having confidence in yourself is a tough task if you are overweight/underweight, Constantly Filled with anxiety and emotion, Sleep deprived, or Nutritionally deficient. We Focus on Nailing the Basic lifestyle Markers first and getting them up to scratch before smashing you with tonnes of training.

I love seeing my clients get back to the feeling of feeling young again.

My goal is to guide the mislead and provide a better alternative solution to becoming your best, pain-free self. I will work zealously in helping YOU get back to your fullest potential by diving into your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual traits, and build those traits up by incorporating a smart, methodical approach towards your training and lifestyle.

In late 2015 I found an outlet. That outlet was the gym. It grew on me! Seeing massive gains in my physical, mental, and emotional state when I exercised and moved my body gave me more motivation than ever before.

From being a Reclusive, introverted individual and having chronic lower back pain to now stepping out of my comfort zone with more confidence than ever in my self and achieving feats of mobility, skills and strength that i would have of never thought possible.

My why goes deep. Let's connect and get to know each other!

I Strive to Hit all the 4 Basic Coaching pillars with flying colors.
- I get to know my clients on a personal and spiritual level.

- I take the correct assessment protocols to ensure the perfect program to suit the client's training level. I assess on the Strength and Mobility level displayed by the client.

- I Build a Roadmap based around the goals that have been set by the client and don't cut any corners when it comes to program design.

- I provide the client with nourishment lifestyle coaching. What the client is doing outside of training is the key to their success. Stress Management, Sleep, Nutrition, Exposure to nature and Social relationships are some things i help my clients manage well.