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9 customer reviews

27 September 2022

I injured myself 2 1/2 years ago and really hadn't exercised much at all between now and then. My injury meant no more walking long distances, running, jumping, or lunges. I had a small stint in a different gym with an exercise physiologist but got bored very quickly. The Body Transformation Studio has been a game changer for me. I'm so happy I found a gym I actually look forward to going to and miss it on my rest days. The classes are fabulous and Nicole has no problem adjusting the workouts to suit my capabilities. What really impressed me though is the time Nic takes to ensure each person has the correct technique so they get the most out of their workout and avoid injuries. I have spent years doing Pilates in studios and it was Nic who taught me how to do a plank correctly, not the Pilates instructors! I can't fault this gym. I feel so much better, am seeing a difference in my body, and my mental health has improved. Nicole and Laurie definitely know what they are doing and their whole team is friendly and welcoming. I understand why the members I have spoken to so far have been going there for years. Highly recommend! More...

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31 May 2022

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22 March 2022

I was referred to this gym by my sister who has been working out there since last year and her results have been amazing. Since I started there with my partner, we have both found that the classes are not only effective but also heaps of fun ! I hate exercising but I feel like I have found the right place for me finally. Laurie, Nic and team make working out here enjoyable and also make it real - no gimmicks, quick fixes or tricks - just good ol fashion, honest hard work and discipline. The circuits are always new and time passes so fast while in class! Nutritional advice is realistic and achievable. Overall I couldn't recommend this place more! Look no further - join this gym and get the results you always wanted and make some great friends while you do it! More...

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29 May 2021

I started with The Body Transformation Studio in Jan 2021 (at 55 years), and from the beginning the journey has been fantastic. The team are knowledgeable, professional and always friendly. The group classes are always different and challenging. Personal Training is structured to continually improve & maintain muscle development. Dietary advice has been next level and helps you understand what's going on with your body. I feel so much healthier, not just physically but mentally as well. If you want to make changes in you health & well-being I highly recommend you see Laurie Maximilian & Nicole Maximilian and the TBTS and find A Better You. More...

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7 April 2021

Having retired, Audrey and I (Peter) decided to downsize from a Hills environment to a lock and leave lifestyle in the Melville area. We quickly found that although we maintained our reasonably healthy meal regime, just walking & biking around the foreshore, wasn't enough to replace what was a very busy working life and hence the kilo's started adding up. Audrey started researching local Gym's and we attended various local health in retirement lectures, but nothing helped. Then we found various positive references to "The Body Transformation Studio" on social media and booked an appointment with Laurie. Our goal was.... . Shed the kilo's we had gained and were finding hard to lose. . Build up the leg & arm strength both of us felt we had lost since retirement. . Review our meal & calorie intake. Laurie set us up a measured and steadily increasing training & food programme. The Personal Trainer's assigned to our weekly sessions could not has been more supportive, they are attentive, conversational, interested in motivating us towards our small personal achievements but ultimately reaching our goal weight and importantly regaining the fitness & strength to enable a long and active life in retirement. We are into our 6th week of the programme and the results are amazing, both of us have lost approximately 6 kilo's and waist, hips & chest measurements are heading in the right direction. Highly recommend Laurie & Nic at The Body Transformation Studio, they have given us the confidence we will achieve our weight & strength goals. But importantly the tools to enable us to keep the weight off. More...

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2 May 2020

TBTS has the potential to be truly life changing .....it’s merely up to you! thank you Laurie & Nic and team!!

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6 October 2019

Just wanted to say a big thanks to the team at The Body Transformation Studio. Is really a great place to train with all of the staff knowledgeable, encouraging and motivating. Feeling strong, fit and energetic is a huge bonus. Would recommend anyone that wants to improve themselves to pay the team a visit. More...

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2 October 2019

I recommend the Body Transformation Studio for anyone who wants to make changes to their diet, their fitness, their sleep and their health. Laurie and Nicole go out of their way to tailor a programme to the level you are when come in and to where you want to be. Thanks for the last 8 weeks, it has given me good habits to use for the rest of my life. ???? More...

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19 July 2019

I highly recommend the Body Transformation Studio. They helped me get fantastic results in recovering my body strength after pregnancy. This is why I found them excellent: Really strategic exercise programming, both in PT & in classes, to maximise effects. Highly effective, unique and diverse exercises in PT & classes. No two classes are the same which makes it interesting and keeps both body and brain stimulated. Excellent nutritional advice – they actually encouraged more eating, but were strategic about food types and timing. They also allowed treats! They have thought of every way possible they can help you achieve your results, including with sleep, hormones, nutrition, exercise, muscle release, postural exercises & healthy supplements. Therefore you are maximising your chance of achieving results as quickly as possible. Professional, friendly, knowledgeable & punctual staff. You are somewhat pampered in PT because all the strategic planning, recording & equipment set-up and pack-down are done for you! They have built a community that is nice to become involved with, including social events. More...

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