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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


TechBear.com has one focus, helping business owners fix/repair/update/SEO optimize/change their WordPress websites.

All of our work is 36AUD an hour.

Since we are focused as a company, you will see better expertise and faster fixes to your WordPress problems.

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6 customer reviews

11 April 2020

We have been using TechBear.com for almost a year now. We reach out about once every two months with a few changes. We choose them because there is no hassle getting work done and no ongoing or recurring cost.

11 April 2020

They are the BEST! Fast, friendly, no nonsense support. If you are looking for wordpress pros that will get it done fast and well, look no further.

11 April 2020

They made it simple, easy, and quick, which is exactly what I needed.

11 April 2020

I found TechBear to be exactly what I needed. I can do about 70% of my site and have them handle the others parts. They are the only group I found with no ongoing charges. Love that!

11 April 2020

TechBear.com has been amazing to work with I would recommend them to anyone

11 April 2020

I have worked with 3 developers before Techbear and I could say none of them have delivered better than this company. I had the pleasure to speak with Paul at first, who then introduced me to Nika and her team. I can say I was a little nervous doing business with a company that charges by the hour due to past experience, but I can say I have no regrets. Nika and her team are extremely straightforward and ethical. If they believe it cant be done, they will tell you right away, and work with you to come up with solutions.

Thank you for taking care of all my needy requests, and for working so diligently in ensuring my marketplace website reached my standards.


I think the key is to understand that good content is king. The first and most important aspect of winning in the digital media world is having a plan to create great content that your customers want to view. TechBear can help you create this content and make sure it is optimised (SEO) and seen by your clients.

1. We listen to you- We get with you to understand your needs and where you want the websites focus.
2. We are fast and available. If you need us, we are there and we relentlessly focus on customer service.
3. We present the site to you and then you make any changes desired.
4. We do rounds of changes until you are happy.
5. Finally, we fully SEO optimize the entire site!
6. Go Live and get new business!
7. TechBear also has ongoing support with SEM, Digital marketing, hosting, graphic design and other services. TechBear has a range of optional services to help your business grow.

It's really inspiring and fulfilling to help SMB's grow.

I worked in the commercial real estate industry for 15 years prior to starting TechBear.com.
Initially, we built site for CRE companies but have now expanded to all types of business and eCommerce sites.

We are proud to say we have worked with almost 250 different companies from all lines of business.

Our typical customer wants an inexpensive no hassle solutions that drives new business.

About 6 years ago we started TechBear to make it easy to manage WordPress websites. I would say the inspiration to start TechBear was the problems I had in the past getting quick, good, reliable people to manage our site.
We wanted changes done and it ended up taking days and cost too much...... TechBear solves that problem.

Clients should choose TechBear because we are focused on making WordPress easy for SMBs.

Since we are focused as a company, you will see better expertise and faster fixes to your WordPress problems. It's the only work we bid on here and this focus results in cheaper fixes, SEO movement and better WordPress service for you.