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Driven by qualified professionals in art and engineering design, Sydney Business Web provides so much more than a website - from an online business plan through logo design, animated displays, SEO and more. Driven by professionals for professionals.

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28 May 2021

Web Design

Keith was fantastic from start to finish. Keith thoroughly explained process and kept us updated frequently. Nothing was a problem until we were to obtain the design/info we required for our small business website. If its fast and professional service you require, we surely recommend Keith! More...

14 May 2021

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialists

Sydney Business Web has created our business website and they have been amazing. From start to finish they have been extremely profession and passionate. Great communication and final product. I highly recommend. More...

Sydney Business Web
Sydney Business Web

Reply from Sydney Business Web

Hi David. We love working with you - you are a true gentleman and we are privileged to work towards your success. Thank you so much for trusting us with your business website and remember- we are always here to help!

21 December 2020

Logo Design

Sydney Business Web has provided me with a great logo for my business. The process used to convey my idea was thorough, allowing me to explain exactly what it is I wanted.

Right from the start Keith was on the ball. I was updated every step of the way. He was quick to respond to any questions or requests that I had. Keith was easy to talk to and very helpful.

Hettie was lovely, and understood exactly what it is that I wanted. She took my ideas and gave them life, providing me with a great logo that I am proud to have represent my business.

10 November 2020

Working with Sydney Business Web was fantastic. Nothing was a problem and catered to our needs for our charity website. Speedy and on-time delivery and great customer service. They really are for the customer and sort solutions to our needs. Highly recommended. More...

Sydney Business Web
Sydney Business Web

Reply from Sydney Business Web

Thanks William. It is a pleasure working with such a professional and friendly person, We really appreciate your review and will always be here to help you in every way we can.

4 November 2020

Keith is a fantastic client of mine that I would HIGHLY recommend! Spoken highly of and will assist you with all of your website needs ! Thanks so much!

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There are a handful of things that are common to ALL website types:

1) A striking visual impact - You have just a few seconds to make that impact before a visitor decides to stay or leave. This must be achieved without slowing the site down too much.

2) Speed - there are various technical measure of this, but if something isn't visible and interesting in just a couple of seconds, you've lost the game and people simply go away.

3) Conversion rates. it's no use getting a lot of traffic to your website if no one buys. A high conversion website has distinct characteristics - As Jeremy Abel, the chief strategist at marketing agency rDialogue, once said:
“A website without conversion rate optimization is like a car with no wheels – it will take you nowhere.”

4) Trust - do you look like a professional and trustworthy company, not (to use an old English expression) a 'fly by night with a two bob website'. Thi requires some trust signals (customer reviews, psychologically fitted color scheme, professional logo, and more.

5) Professional SEO optimization - it's no use having a great website if the search engines can't understand and assess the content. There are many factors including correct metadata, unique content and more.

1. What us your business - what are you selling?
2. What are your online business objectives?
3. What is your approximate budget?
4. Have you any examples of what you like as a guideline?
5. Do you have a logo?
6. How many products or services do you want to load onto the website?
7. Do you have your own content - product images, articles, product descriptions etc
8. How do you deliver your products and services?
9. Are you a local, national or international seller?
10. Who are your customers - age group, gender, financial status?
11. Do you have testimonials already?
12. Do you have a Google My Business presence, social media presence?
13. How do you intend to get traffic to your website - referrals, advertising or SEO?

Those cover most of the issues and every single one has an impact on design. Further discussions will still be needed to make sure we are designing for the right audience in the right places.

Helping people. I my previous life as a business manager and as a design engineer before that, I always took the greatest pleasure not just in my products, but in the delight of customers. I one role, every product I sold saved lives - measurably. I was never so proud of anything as I was of that.

It was simply time. I was dog-tired of the corporate world and its culture. Don't get me wrong - I helped to build a couple of companies up to be major players in their area, but of course, as the size of a company increases, systems increasingly take over from people in judgement and processes and you get further away from the customer. I like close and personal relationships with customers - and that's why I have my own business.

You cannot really trust someone until you've worked with them and assessed whether they really have your best interests at heart. So you look for credible trust signals - ask to contact one of their reviewers, what reviewers say, the quality of their work. I used to write a bit - even got a novel out - and the first guideline for a writer was and is 'show - don't tell'. So see if the company you are considering will show you what they really do. We'll do that for you.

Yes - by the nature of our business, we can provide services anywhere in the world.

If you come to our office, we will wear masks and take other sensible precautions if that is what you want. However, the vast bulk of our customers already prefer to chat and consult over a channel like Skype or Zoom.


We specialize in business websites optimized as per the requirements of the FAQ section here. We are highly competent professionals with verifiable track records and awards in design engineering and art.

Getting traffic of the required type to your website for a positive return on investment. This is a complex task and we like to take our customers along on the journey with us, explaining step by step what the process is and what results are being achieved (or not).

We always consult and inform customers before we accept an SEO order and if we think the customer's expectations are not realistic, we will say so clearly.
This depends very much on the type of business, competition levels and so forth.

We are always please to provide a brief introductory consultation for free.

We can work with you to define a 12 or 24 month business plan for your online business. We have our own MBA qualified executive with 30 year business track record to help you.

We calculate the cost and return from every part of your online operation and provide recommendations.

This is only available to our website and SEO customers.

Our artist has won multiple awards for fine art and designs logos using not just her manual artist's skills but advanced tools in the Adobe suite.
Al, files and art ownership passes to you on payment.

We work with a select few international and Australian hosts to get the right hosting for your particular website.

We almost always put your websites on hosting we arrange because we can work with the hosts on all technical issues. We often include after-warranty support with hosting except (usually) for big sites.

We have some beautiful animated product displays that we can install on many websites without change. These can be seen on our website and we are growing the range available.

We can design and launch your email marketing campaigns. We have tools to find your leads on Social media and Search engines and can create lists from your own database. We don't spam.

Your website manned 24/365/7 by our chatbot. Integrated with a Google learning machine, this bot impresses and informs your site visitor when you are not available to talk.