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STRONGFORT offers strategic services based on your business’ needs, our services include confidential consulting relating to your current and future digital transformation plans. STRONGFORT also offers focused services as well, such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Management (SEM), Social Media Listening, Web design, Web and Social Media Analytics, and much more.

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STRONGFORT utilises powerful social media listening and analytics tools to provide up to date information about what the market is saying about your company or products. These tools enable the mitigation of risk regarding your brands or company’s on the internet. We also manage your Google Analytics, Google Tags, Google AdWords, Facebook Pixel and many other tools to help you analyse the success of your digital marketing strategy.

STRONGFORT can take the task of Social Media Management off your hands. We are economical and can work on broad or focused campaigns, including one-off request.

STRONGFORT can make video advertising simple, we have the kit, you have the product or service. It’s that easy.

STRONGFORT can help you with all your Google needs, need business email, or maybe you want to show up on Google Maps? We can do it for you.

STRONGFORT has the capacity to partner with you business and act as your Digital Consultancy or team your company up with the right talent to suit your business requirements. We have a flexible approach as we understand different companies are travelling through the digital landscape at their own pace.

STRONGFORT can give you the capability to listen to multiple channels on the internet and Social Media to gauge the sentiment of how your Company or brand is being perceived by online consumers. You cannot afford the time and resources to be gathering this information yourself, and you definitely cannot afford your Company’s reputation to be placed at risk by being one step behind. STRONGFORT manages a powerful suite of products that makes easy work of aggregating this information for you.

Our team is able to deliver websites on multiple platforms, from Wordpress to Joomla and many more. STRONGFORT employs website designers which will work to create a beautiful and functional website that your clients will enjoy navigating.