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Spaces - 6-8 Parramatta Square, Parramatta Square, Parramatta NSW

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Delivering Innovative, Cost-Effective Technology Solutions And Customer Satisfaction!

SSTech System is a leading IT company which strives to provide clients with Cutting Edge Innovative IT Solutions to meet the ever-changing nature of today’s business challenges and help the clients to succeed & stay competitive.

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25 July 2023

Reviewed on Google Maps

25 November 2022

Spaces located on level 49 and 50 of 8 parramatta square is a modernised office space with both personal offices as as well as co-working spaces. Design - the office is immaculately designed with vibrant colours and with co-working in mind (open spaces, shared desks). It’s what you would expect from a start-up/small business office. It’s the perfect place to bring clients and other collaborators. Access - to get through the doors to the lift, you need an access pass and to use the lifts, you need to swipe again and in order to get into my office, I need a separate pass. This level of security gives me the piece of mind that my office is secure and the floor is secure as well. General feel and vibe - the people are friendlier, not your typical corporate person. Views are incredible with views of all direction, harbour bridge, other CBDs, it’s amazing. More...

Reviewed on Google Maps

21 November 2019

The SSTech System is an employee-centric organization and one of the best place to work.

Reviewed on Facebook

21 November 2019

Great company to work for.Flexibility in working hours, employee focus,good benefits,nice people and great place to work.

Reviewed on Facebook

5 November 2019

SSTech System is always perfect for all employees. From a business point of view, it is always growing. Here is a better opportunity to enhance your skills and perform well doing in the IT industry.

Reviewed on Facebook

5 November 2019

Nice place to explore and learn new technologies. The work environment is very good and flexible

Reviewed on Facebook


User-Friendly Design
Mobile Responsiveness
Fast Loading Speed
Compelling Content
Clear Call to Action (CTA)
SEO Optimization
Secure and Trustworthy
Regular Updates
Analytics and Data
Strong Visuals
Social Media Integration
Fast and Reliable Hosting
Feedback Mechanism
Brand Consistency
Clear Contact Information
Testimonials and Reviews
Blog or News Section
Legal Compliance

Project Goals and Objectives
Project Scope and Deliverables
Target Users and Personas
Budget and Timeline
Existing Resources and Integrations
Design and Branding Preferences
Required Functionalities and Features
Content and Asset Availability
Competitor Analysis and Inspiration
Project Team and Roles
Communication and Reporting Preferences
Legal and Compliance Considerations
Post-launch Maintenance and Support Plans

Project Initiation
Requirement Gathering
Research and Analysis
Design and Prototyping
Development Planning
Coding and Development
Testing and Quality Assurance
Iteration and Feedback
Deployment and Launch
Post-launch Support
Evaluation and Optimization
Client Collaboration
Project Completion

Scope document of the project where the project is explained very well and expected deliverables are clearly mentioned.

Innovation: We thrive on solving complex problems and bringing innovative solutions to life. The opportunity to create something new and valuable is what excites us every day.

Collaboration: Working closely with clients to understand their unique needs and collaborating with a talented team of developers and designers is incredibly rewarding. We love turning ideas into reality together.

Continuous Learning: Technology evolves rapidly, and we embrace the challenge of staying at the forefront of industry trends. Learning and growth are integral to our roles.

Proven Expertise
Client-Centric Approach
Innovation and Creativity
Quality Assurance
Timely Delivery
Transparency and Communication
Cost-Effective Solutions
Scalability and Flexibility
Client Satisfaction
Post-Launch Support

We can provide our service to anyone in the world. It's a software development service, so everything is possible.


The transport and logistics industries thrive on seamless mobility, witnessing an immense daily movement of people and packages via air, sea, and surface across various locations. Streamlining business operations in this dynamic sector is crucial, and that’s where logistics app development services play a pivotal role.

The demand for innovative app development in the transport and logistics sector is soaring, transforming the way businesses operate. SSTech System’s logistics app development process brings about cost-effective transportation, efficient fuel management, compliance adherence, robust location tracking systems, and reduced vehicle investment risks, ultimately enhancing overall efficiency and productivity.

Our web design and development services for transport & logistics warehousing solutions offer real-time visibility, optimizing productivity, and ensuring timely deliveries.

With the power of cloud computing, various departments within the logistics industry can now stay connected and seamlessly share information, bolstering overall performance. Utilizing smartphones and tablets with GPS and NFC capabilities, logistics companies track their fleets, update transportation statuses, and access real-time freight rates, thus streamlining operations.

Fleet management processes integrated through logistics app development have become a necessity for logistics companies seeking to outpace the competition.

Our tailored solutions for the transport and logistics industries address the challenges faced in fleet management, ensuring optimized warehouse practices, multi-channel support, and efficient fleet operations.

There has been rapidly rise of outsourcing over the past decade with companies from various industries enjoy its benefits. Businesses are now aware about the complexities and problems involved in developing apps in house, or those unable to make long-term commitments should go for hiring dedicated developers. By hiring dedicated developers from India, one gets access to technology, knowledge, experience as well as the architecture necessary to complete even the most complex app project in a short span of time.Hired dedicated developers from Ahmedabad India, for your business to develop anything from a website to a mobile app. The entire team works on your project only with detailed attention. The complexity involved in developing apps in house is solved by dedicated developers. It makes work simple and easy for companies who are not looking to employ developers or do not want to make long term commitments.

We are one of the premier iPhone App development company in India and Australia that brings you closer to success. We have delivered many world class mobility solutions across different industry verticals. Our apps are custom-made keeping in mind the specific design and development guidelines related to all individual platforms, iPad, iPhone, etc. We have built apps for diverse use cases ranging from real-time analytics to route matching, geo-tagging, video streaming and much more. Our expertise in iPhone application development is exceptional and top-level. We create flexible and dynamic app solutions.

We focus to build an app idea to reality through wholesome app development. This has helped the apps we built climb to the top ranks of app store leader boards quickly. Our team comprises of cream of talent who have delve in iPhone app development passionately.

Our designers can think from the shoes of a user to create realistic and detailed app interfaces and workflows that will make your app a winner in the iTunes leader boards. Whether it to solve an enterprise problem or to build the next big thing in the app world, our talented engineers plus design expertise will help you do both. Our highly skilled team of experienced iPhone mobile app developers.

Looking to increase productivity, promote your brands and grow your market with Android apps then we are here to help you!

SSTech System one of the fastest growing android app development company, that has best in class abilities and demonstrated aptitude in mobile application development. We build customized app for start-ups, SME and large enterprises as per their requirements. Our software engineers are dedicatedly submerge in creating adaptable and completely strong android mobile applications.

From strategy, analysis planning, design to development, testing and support, we provide end to end Android apps development services to help in building apps with trusted frameworks. Our talent pool of Android developers prefer frameworks like React Native, Flutter, Ionic, Phone gap, etc. to develop native and cross-platform based apps.