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I am unique in that I work one to one with clients and take on a small number of clients within each area of my business to ensure I am accessible and provide a high quality service. I am soul centred and spend much time tailoring programs which are meaningful to each individual person and circumstance to ensure the best outcomes and alignment with each person.

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29 November 2021

Family Counselling

Excellent. Counselor was caring and very intuitive.

21 November 2021


I’d highly recommend Soul Parenting. From the first session I felt comfortable to talk about all my concerns. My own research and learning was much more enhanced by speaking with Emma after just one session. Her own lived experiences gives me great comfort that I’m in good hands and I look forward to her continued support along my parenting journey. More...

27 October 2021

Such a great session today with Emma. Finally finding someone who is open and sincere is excellent. Such an affordable service and such care goes into her work. Highly recommend. Thankyou Emma. I will continue working with you! More...

27 October 2021

Such heartfelt thanks to Emma. What an amazing session we had. I feel like I know where to start to move forward and leave my limiting beliefs finally in the past. Highly recommend Emma to anyone wanting a kind and compassionate professional to work with. More...

17 October 2021

Life Coaching

Quick response, available. Very understanding of needs

11 October 2021

Fantastic, amazing empowering support. I feel confident to face the next part of my life’s journey.


I love empowering parents, families and women to live in alignment with their values and then take on their roles with confidence and feeling empowered.

Never being able to find the right service when I needed it! I have years of lived experiences through challenging experiences, combined with my passion for helping people I created my businesses.

I am passionate, dedicated to strong outcomes for people, I am enthusiastic and work to deliver a really high quality level of ongoing support for all people who choose to work with me. Its an honour to support people when they are going through times of change and need support to live true to their heart and souls.

Absolutely. I can provide online remote services, phone, zoom, face time. I work to whatever platforms support my clients.

We work remotely which still ables us to connect and work together.


Within this service I provide parenting and family support. I work with parents and families to develop a soul lead approach to leading their families and develop their parenting style.I provide counselling for tricky times and coaching for moving forwards. My website outlines the many and varied ways I work with and support families and parents. I specialise in programs which prepare mothers for their motherhood role and help mothers to embody their new identity. Parents are often overwhelmed with advice and information which they may not relate too. My services help parents find their way which is intuitive and based on their core values. It is an inspired approach to finding your way as a new parent or if you find you want to learn more or overcome troubles along the way in your parenting journey.

Another aspect of my service provision includes support for families who have a child who has been diagnosed with a serious illness. My eldest son had a cancer diagnosis so my experience in this area is extensive. I offer subsidised fees for parents who need this support so ongoing support is less of a cost during a difficult time. Fees for services are offered on a sliding scale to assist families on lower incomes who would love to access support but have otherwise been unable to do so due to high costs for support and counselling. At this time however I do not offer a bulk billing option.

My business, Soul Empowerment, has been created to help women live in true alignment with the vision they have of their higher self. I provide counselling, coaching, empowerment and soul aligned development. I work one on one with my clients to develop a program specific and unique to their needs and own personal journey. I specialise in life coaching and finding your soul purpose and living in alignment to your beliefs and values. Learning how to create healthy boundaries and improve communication helps women to become the best version of who they want to be and how they want to show up in the world. I provide counselling to unpack trauma and challenge and coaching and mentoring to move forward, to not become stuck in the trauma to let it influence how you live your life. I empower and help women feel confidence to live life on their terms. My fees for services work on a sliding scale to accomodate every individual person's situation. My mission is to be able to provide high quality support, counselling and coaching for as many people as possible who want to improve themselves and in turn their life circumstances. My fees are offered on a sliding scale to assist low income earners. I do not at this time offer a bulk bill option.

I specialise in helping couples find their way through trauma or disconnect.
Finding new ways to work through challenges and navigating changes to relationships can be tricky, I work to empower my clients to resolve difficulties in authentic and meaningful ways.
I work remotely and locally to I am able to help clients no matter their location.
My aim and mission is to be able to support all families regardless of their financial situation. I offer a sliding fee scale to assist those on a lower income who would love to access relationship counselling but have previously been unable to do so due to high costs for practitioner services.

This support is comprehensive. Having a child with a serious illness diagnosis is life changing and hard to navigate on your own. My eldest child had a cancer diagnosis and my experience in this area is extensive. I offer a significantly reduced cost for this support to families.

I provide coaching for all types of needs. I specialise in helping my clients build confidence, communication skills and leadership ability and capability. Fees for these services start at $95 which includes an hour one on one session which is followed up by a comprehensive email containing a plan of action, resources and information to help clients build a tool kit of strategies and resources.

I specialise in providing support and coaching for teens and those in their early 20's who may suffer from anxiety, depression or feeling a lack of direction in life. My fees for these services are offered on a sliding scale dependent upon individual circumstances but start at $75 per session.