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SimpleClick develops and supports high performing, profitable Websites, Mobile Apps and has recently joined forces with a world leading marketer to provide Marketing Strategy, Social Media, Search Engine Optimisation. We have a proven track record of taking businesses and startups to the next level.

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25 February 2021

Stuart was so helpful, and we really appreciate the work they did for us. Everything was prompt and effective!

13 October 2020

In working with SimpleClick as a provider of professional services, I found Stuart to be knowledgeable and very good to work with. SimpleClick are clearly a state-of-the-art company when it comes to developing applications across mobile and web platforms. They understand how to efficiently extract and refine user requirements and how to meet these requirements using the latest technology. In addition, business transactions with SimpleClick are clear, decisive and fast. All this results in a powerful combination in today’s world where needs and priorities change rapidly. More...


A beautiful, clean design around the key content and branding of a business.
Simple to use site that is built on what customers understand and are looking for to find your business.
A great website is a front door to your business - an introduction to the services, products and value you provide with the option of purchasing products and services immediately.

Start-ups - for custom Mobile / System development:
Have you done market research and/or a feasibility study? Are there any existing solutions?
What makes you think your idea will be successful?
Are you aware of the difference between success and failure is marketing (for example, using a website, SEO, including social media)? And do you have a means of marketing your idea?

Established businesses:
Please explain the business case, your current situation, and what you hope to achieve.
I take the success of your business seriously, and for this reason, put fairly strict processes in place around change management. What are your expectations around change management and engagement?
Is your company obliged to adhere to particular standards (e.g. ISO127001, WCAG 2.0/ISO 40500)?

Taking an idea or problem, engineering it into a tangible process, developing a beautiful user interface, receiving feedback from end-users, and perfecting the user experience.
In particular, the moment when our client/partner sits back and goes "wow, this is great" and are receiving good value.

People connecting over technology and technology connecting people.

It goes back to high school. During lunch hours I would connect with a few guys over the latest in hardware and software, sharing code and ideas. I had an unexplainable love and excitement for this before it was common practice. Therefore I felt a sense of responsibility for utilising technology to provide value and sharing this passion with staff, clients, partners and industry.

We care about your and our reputation and only commit if we are a suitable match and can provide a good return on investment. We think of our clients as partners, and have a responsibility to provide good value. And this value is measurable using analytics, making ROI more transparent.
We have over 20 years of experience in the IT industry and 30 years in advertising working with big and small. Importantly, we have a proven track record.
The spirit behind the services we provide is of being helpful, connection, and being future ready.