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Our practice motto is "Changing lives through simple solutions!" because as a registered psychotherapist, certified clinical supervisor, certified practicing hypnotherapist and certified practicing coach; that is what I strive to do every day...

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Trained in a variety of approaches to counselling I apply my skills in many ways to assist my clients who find themselves in a 'yuck-space' of life!

Coaching is a powerful way to bring change to specific areas of your life - I work with people as an executive, business, life, wellness and more coach...

I do not see hypnosis as a ‘magic button’ where after one session your world is wonderful; but rather it is a useful tool to assist us on a pathway to healing and change....

I provide supervision for counsellors, coaches, psychotherapists, social workers, hypnotherapists and other mental health and related disciplines through face-to-face work, group sessions and virtual.

I provide an annual calendar of group therapy, peer coaching and self development workshops - so watch the 'events' tab or online calendar at my website.

Although I do not generally market myself as a bodywork practitioner I from time-to-time call upon my training in yoga, qi gong, tai chi, massage and fitness to work with clients to help them overcome...

You will find a link from my website to a number of online facilitated self help programs...