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Need a comprehensive condition report but don’t want to spend a fortune? We can send an industry recognised RBI expert to inspect the property. They will zero in on any potentially expensive problems or, fingers crossed, provide a concise report that shows the property is sound.

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Do you need a pre-purchase building and pest inspection? Book one of our qualified inspectors to undertake a comprehensive visual inspection on your property. You will receive a detailed report so you can have peace of mind when purchasing your new home.

Our inspectors use completely non-invasive technology designed specifically to detect pests without damaging the property or even leaving a mark. They’ll use the latest radar and thermal equipment to check inside the walls, ceilings and floors for leaks, moisture and pests*. They’ll inspect visible and accessible areas of the property for places where possible pests have been, or potentially are, nesting.

Stage Inspections compare the work at each stage of the build with the design and engineering plans. By completing inspections during each stage of construction and then a final Handover inspection, issues and defects can be identified and resolved before it becomes too late and potentially too costly to rectify.

A Handover Inspection takes place prior to the turnover of keys to the purchaser. This Inspection focuses on minor defects and ensures the quality of the construction by the builder

If you would like your investment property to be more profitable and you want to maximise your tax return – you’ll need a tax depreciation schedule.

The wear and tear on your investment property lowers the value of the building itself, as well as various fittings and fixtures, allowing you to reduce your taxable income. In order to benefit, you need our team to complete a depreciation schedule for you first.

Selling property in Victoria? It’s a legal requirement for any owner-builder who wants to sell their property and has undertaken construction or building renovation works within a certain timeframe prior to the sale (usually in the previous 6 years and 6 months) to obtain a 137b Owner Builder Report from a licensed building inspector. This needs to be done within the six months before the seller enters into the contract of sale.

The purpose of the 137b report – often referred to as an Owner Builder Defects Report, a Defects Inspection Report, or a Section 137b Report – is to document the condition of any recent renovations, modifications or additions you may have undertaken as an owner-builder and provide a report in relation to the works as required under the Building Act, before your property goes on the market and changes hands.