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Queensland Security Protection is a Queensland owned company that provides a comprehensive integration of high-quality security services to residential, commercial, industrial, retail and public facilities.
We can facilitate a complete security solutions package to customise services for our clients based on their comprehensive needs.

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We are in love to providing security services to our community for security and safety purposes.

Our inspired to run a security business is to protect the assets and properties for people who needs assistance.

We are providing professional security in 24/7 all around Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast region with an affordable price. We can arrange a security guard in very short notice.


By entrusting Queensland Security Protection Static Guards, you’re not only protecting employees but also ensuring that the welfare of your clients with a quality service that is in accordance with public safety requirements while meeting our specific client’s needs. Our static security guard duties include full surveillance services including site patrols, CCTV monitoring and discreet access control. Our Static Guards are equipped with Axon Body cameras that record any conversation with be public to ensure that the maximum level of security protection is provided to all our clients and their physical property. We can provide an immediate response and awareness to misconduct at a safe distance minimising risk to the first responder and the surrounding community. At Queensland Security Protection we secure your desired premises by frequently patrolling the property, thoroughly inspecting buildings, access points and equipment.

Mobile Patrols are security officers that drive from site to site performing security checks to ensure businesses & private residence complexes are secure.
Mobile Patrol Officer duties are
Lock Up - Ensure your staff locked up on departure
Unlock - Unlock doors before trade of business
Key Holder - Provide access after hours
External Patrol - Outside fence line perimeter
Intermediate Patrol - Inside fence line & exterior of buildings
Internal Patrol - Inside buildings
Alarm Response
Business and residential carpark areas
We are using a modern security software system to monitor our guards and manage your workflow in an efficient way, automating all internal work process and monitor incidents in real-time by gathering multimedia data (image, voice, detailed notes) with signature fields.
Current OFFER is 60% OFF for more than 2 checks per night per site ending on May 2020 T&Cs apply.
We are operating 24/7, if you have any question please do not hesitate to give us a call on 07 3186 8643 or alternatively send us an email to info@qsprotection.com.au

Whether you require the services of static guards or effective and professional crowd control for your event, just contact us on (07) 3186 8643 our team of highly-trained security personnel are equipped to handle any security tasks at three different location Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. We set the bar very high in this industry and guarantee you the most efficient and effective security services available.

Our security alarm response services are targeted at Commercial Retail businesses and Residential Buildings Apartments all over Queensland. Alarm response covers any location that you sign up for protection and monitors the alarm activity. How does this service work? Whenever your staff or security alarm company alerts us, Queensland security protection will dispatch an officer to determine and identify the cause of the alarm. They will verify if a break-in has occurred or if it was a false alarm. The officials designated by the client will also be informed by our alarm response team. The security officer will suggest any further instructions according to the cause of the alarm. Our security specialists know what to do and how to respond with minimal damage in case of an alarm.

These excellent dogs are licensed and apply their incredible instinct when supporting our guards to perform their security measures while on work site. They guard and protect difficult security options such as event security, commercial security, construction site security, industrial security, crowd control security, loss prevention, vandalism security, robbery security, assets protection, mobile and static security patrols. Queensland Security Protection K9 dogs are essential in allowing the guard to be confident and safe while conducting their duties. duties. The use of the patrol dogs can significantly minimise the risk of incidents and it can be very effective when individuals behaving inappropriately or refusing to accept direction form a security guard personnel. Record have shown that premises that are protected by K9 security are less likely to be targeted by criminals, vandals or offender than those who are protected by a single guard patrol.

Introducing the state-of-the-art solar powered, wireless live surveillance camera. Secure, record and protect your job-site for as little as $0.55 per hour with Queensland Security Protection.

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