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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Counselling is simply put a conversation with a person who is trained to help you change.

That is the way I approach each session. It is an opportunity for someone to be heard and through that they can start to heal.

I deeply care about my clients and their ongoing wellbeing.

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It is an honour when someone who is so lost is able to start to relax and trust that I am there for them and they start to notice how much they are capable of doing.

I grew up in a family that had run a small business for already 2 generations when I came along, so running a business was what I was always passionate about.

Everyone is unique and every situation is different to everyone. The most important thing is to not just feel you are being heard, but know deep down you are. I have run small businesses for most of my career, and every day is different, which takes a lot of adapting and thinking outside the square. That is what I bring to every client. A clean slate, and an opportunity to help them think outside the square knowing they have support that will ensure that even with some setbacks they are going to not just succeed, but most importantly thrive.


Everyone needs to be able to communicate and we all communicate in very different ways. Being heard in our preferred communication style when we feel lost is crucial.

Understanding how others communicate to us and how we can take charge of ourselves and navigate the multitude of different relationships that we will find ourselves in.

The simplest truth is still the most fundamental. We are bad at knowing, respecting and understanding ourself, which makes communicating with the rest of the world that much harder.

Counselling is the ability to communicate with someone who is there to support you no matter what and help you achieve what you want to achieve. The more honest you are the faster and easier it will be to make your life better for you

Relationahips are constantly evolving. It is so easy for small things to build into massive mountains that without experience seem insumountable. Great relationships recognise that getting ongoing help is a sign of strength and dedication. Even the closest of couples understand that they will never be able to fully understand their partners perspective on everything. Recognising and accepting that help is needed will build a stronger and more fulfilling long term relationship