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Phillip N



Part time freelancer experienced in:
- Custom web, desktop and mobile development (C#, .NET, Angular, React)
- Microsoft Azure
- Databases (SQL, mySQL, CosmosDB)
- Untangling inherited messes of code
- Code audits
- Software testing
- Podcast editing

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- Cutting out verbal mistakes, other unwanted noise and reducing background noises where applicable while ensuring an enjoyable and seamless listening experience
- Noise gates
- Advice on improving audio quality at time of recording
- Publishing episodes to any desired podcast service with appropriate podcast metadata
- Editing of any accompanying video
- Clear and concise communication prior, during and after any work undertaken

- Assistance with errors, bugs, updates, maintenance
- Experienced in frameworks including .NET, Angular, React, Microsoft Azure deployment, languages including C#, Javascript, PHP, databases including Microsoft SQL, mySQL, CosmosDB
- Code audits
- Offer advice and referrals for other technologies and projects