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We are a family business that has been Involved with cleaning services for almost 20 years. We have a great reputation of being trustworthy, honest and fair. We maintain some of Australia's largest and smallest companies and do occasional visits to the site to grab your feedback and see what we can improve on.


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This business has been running for 19 years and almost reaching our 20th anniversary.

Yes. We make sure we bring our own equipment and supplies to the site. Our clients don't need to provide us with anything.

We love seeing the before and after of our cleaning then seeing the satisfaction in our clients.

Coming into Australia in 2002 we had very little money as a family. We decided to create a cleaning company Instead of working for someone else, and almost 20 years later we are one of the most known and respectable cleaning companies in Victoria.

We are honest, reliable and always make an appearance. You will always hear from us, and we are very easy to deal with If an issue arises.

We provide our cleaning services on site but you can contact us through our website/email/phone and we will organize a time for us to come in and Inspect your site. We will then send you a cleaning scope detailing all the areas we will clean via email and offering you our price and services.

We have changed our entire cleaning procedure since COVID-19 struck. Now with cleaning, we especially target the high touch areas when cleaning and making sure all our staff is wearing the appropriate gear. We only use high grade hospital products that have been approved by the TGA.


We offer cleaning services to offices, gyms, medical centres, sporting complexes, etc.