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AS SEEN 5 TIMES ON THE FOOTY SHOW, READY STEADY COOK, MID DAY SHOW, SUNRISE, WORLD GUINNESS RECORDS, DISNEY CHANNEL AND Performs on major Cruise ships ROYAL CARIBBEAN AND CARNIVAL CRUISES, Brendan Mon Tanner specialises in roving magic utilising 35 years of experience in wedding entertainment, corporate entertainment, comedy, family entertainment, birthday parties and functions for all ages.

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Brendan Mon Tanner has been interested in magic 40 Years. He has 40 years of experience with Children shows to adult corporate entertainment.
Brendan Mon Tanner is one of the most popular magicians in Australia performing in all major venues across Australia and Overseas. Brendan Mon Tanner is also one of the top 5 acts on p&0 Cruise ships since 2012 and still is one of the busiest entertainers in Australia.

"Expect the impossible". Brendan Mon Tanner customises shows for children, family, adult shows and all corporate entertainment. The shows are suited depending on the age group.
The Show is exciting, funny, Amazing and heaps of Audience participation.

Brendan Mon Tanner loves performing his craft and his passion is to make people laugh and happy and to succeed in making every function or event successful.

Three generations in the entertainment industry.Thats all we know, entertainment as we do it well and sure to keep the customer very happy with our services.
Brendan mon Tanner has won over Fourteen awards in live entertainment. plus Brendan Mon Tanner is a Guinness world record holder for extinguishing 88 fire torches with his mouth in 60 seconds. You can see it on youtube. WORLD'S FASTEST FIRE EATER

Why Not? we are in demand all over Australia with our unique and entertaining shows and artists.
Brendan Mon Tanner has won 14 entertainment awards for best live comedy magician entertainment.This makes him one of the best magician entertainers in the country.

We also have a Magic Store online for children that want to learn the craft of magic.
Check out our online shop on www.magicianaustralia.com.au

As we are still learning the new normal we are careful and understand the rules with covid.


Looking for great Entertainment for your next special event?
A Must See ! Perfect for your next Big Event !
In high demand for both corporate and private functions, Brendan Mon Tanner’s stand-up
shows are fun, engaging, upbeat, and can be tailored to fit a wide range of audiences and
events.Avoiding tired rabbit in a hat Tricks,Brendan creates the wow factor with his mindblowing
cutting edge magic, entertaining presentations, incredible dare devil stunts and
audience interaction and participation that have a predominant role throughout all
Brendan’s performances, everyone gets to be part of the show and share the excitement
while having an unforgettable experience

Hire Sydney’s most Hilarious Comic Magician & Illusionist’, He’ll Fool you, Shock You and Amaze You, Australian Comic Magician Brendan Mon Tanner has over 28 years experience in the entertainment business. He is the premier comic magician & illusionist and is a fourteen times award winner Magician and illusionist servicing at Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, Canberra and all other regions of Australia specialising in hilarious stand-up comedy magic to magnificent grand illusion and production shows.

Brendan Mon Tanner also holds the title for being the World’s fastest fire eater and is the current World Guinness Record holder. Brendan Mon Tanner features a whole variety of shows for family audiences, weddings, roving magic and entertainment for corporate and company events.Please feel free to browse through our menu to find your specific theme.

Do you want this years event to stand out from all the others?
Do you want to please your clients and guests?
Do you want entertainment with that extra WOW factor?
Whether it be a private function or a major corporate event. Magic to the max roving Magicians
will certainly give your event colour and atmosphere.Magic to the max Australia supply only the
best quality family and corporate entertainers.Our aim is to create an unforgettable experience
leaving every person with a smile across their face.
Magic Show Australia provide all types of characters and performers such as roving magicians that
perform magic up close and right before your very eyes.

Make Your Next Special Event The Best Ever
Every event is unique, so customised shows are popular with Brendan Mon Tanner as he can fit in
to a character and costume if needed to blend in with your event. He’ll fool you,shock you and
amaze you, Brendan Mon Tanner is Australia’s funniest comedy Close Up magician.
Make your next special event more unforgettable.
Roving magicians are great for company or corporate events and a great ice breaker to warm up
the crowd. Magicians roam from table to table performing a number of tricks, including sleight of
hand magic, card tricks and more! There is plenty of interaction with the guests and plenty of
laughter with quick wit and humour. Walk around magic performed by roving magicians is ideal for
getting guests to relax and warm-up at a cocktail hour or before the company or corporate dinner.
Roving magicians are even great at trade shows.Close up magic is a great way to entertain
clients,VIP’s and staff with magic performed right before their eyes and sometimes in their hands

Brendan Mon Tanner’s Award winning comedy magic presentation is
one of the most unbelievable exciting and funniest shows you will ever
see, you’ll never know what he’ll do next. Combining snappy one
liners, sleight of hand magic with the most hilarious audience interaction and hilarious ‘off
the wall’ magic stunts ever seen.
Brendan Mon Tanner has tailor-made his shows to be comedic, fast-paced, interactive and
most of all entertaining.The show is one that is outrageously daring with the ultimate
powers of the supernatural in action as Brendan Mon Tanner mystifies, excites and thrills
you with magnificent sleight of hand magic,extreme fire eating and Dare Devil stunts.This
show is guaranteed to add the dynamic atmosphere and entertainment that will have you
on the edge of your seat and audience participation that will have you in stitches.
Hilarious Comedy Routines Dare Devil Stunts
Razor Blade Swallowing Extreme Fire eating
Comedy audience participation Amazing Sleight of hand magic

A Super hour of entertainment starting off with a  35 minute magic Show with fun filled Comedy, audience participation and amazing mind-blowing magic that will amaze children from 4 years old to 15 years old. But Wait not only that! Theres more, the Birthday child is the star of the show helping the magician perform amazing magic tricks. It also makes them feel more extra special being the special person on the day.
After the show the magician then rounds up the children and starts balloon sculpturing for 25 minutes twisting balloons in to swords, flowers, dogs, butterflies and whatever the children desire. After the balloon twisting the magician then gathers the children once again around the birthday cake to sing Happy Birthday to the special child

Birthday Child becomes the star of the show
Sculptured Balloons for all the children
Lots of fun and laughter
Audience Participation
Volunteers through out the show
Great Photo opportunities
The birthday Child also receives a special trick

Witness the amazing talent of Brendan Mon Tanner This exciting and intriguing Australian &
International Comedy Magician is sure to bring wide eyed entertainment to your next special event.
He is the power of the supernatural, a grand illusionist and a witty personality wrapped up with
danger,Comedy and action that will thrill and excite you.GUARANTEED !!!
Brendan Mon Tanner specialises in everything from Roving Magic,hilarious standup comedy to
spectacular Grand Illusion entertainment.Brendan has a variety of shows perfect for you.You can
choose from a small to large comedy show, roving magic from group to group, table magic or even
a Las Vegas Grand illusion show complete with dare devil assistants,dancers.pyrotechnics and
mind blowing cutting edge illusions and stage sets.
Brendan Mon Tanner with over 28 years of experience will especially tailor make and customise
the very best segments that will guarantee results.
Brendan Mon Tanner has performed in over 20 international casino shows around the world,he
has also performed over 1000 Corporate shows, over 100 cruise ship shows and over 500 public
shows. Brendan is sure to cast the magic of success over any corporate function or special event

Brendan Mon Tanner Australia’s most Awarded winning Comedy magician will have you
laughing in side – Splitting Laughter combining his hilarious off the edge entertainment in
one dangerously amazing block-buster wedding floor show EXTREME TRICKSTER

Sydney’s comedy Magician and illusionist offers a range of wedding packages for your special
wedding day. He guarantees to keep your guests entertained and enthralled with amazing feats of
Magic,illusion and fire eating.Your guests will be spell bound by Brendan Mon Tanner’s fast paced,
unpredictable and highly amusing comedy entertainment.

Make your special wedding an event that no one will ever forget.One of the most popular wedding
shows in Sydney and now in popular demand in most major wedding receptions. Brendan Mon
Tanner is action-packed opening the show with spectacular fire eating then followed by comedy,
magic and hilarious audience participation.Watch out, you might see the best man or groomsmen
performing and participating in some crazy routines as well.This hilarious wedding show is 30-40 mins in duration that will have the guests in side splitting
laughter and amazement.People will talk about the best wedding ever.so make it happen.

Book Brendan Mon Tanner and dare to be different.There is no blue material in the show and is not
offensive.Just good clean fun family entertainment.
A Floor Show for all types of nationalities
Italian, Middle Eastern, Maltese, Asian, Greek, European, Indian and more

Brendan Mon Tanner can perform to any nationality and can customise a show to suit any type of
culture.Brendan is one of Australia's top entertainers and has been seen many times on television

The Footy show,Ready Steady cook,Sunrise,Hey Hey its Saturday and Four Weddings just to name a few.

As well as working major venues across Australia Brendan is now contracted also as a headliner with P&0, Princess and Royal Caribbean cruise ships..Brendan’s
high standard of entertainment is guaranteed to make your event the best ever.

Are you looking for a magician that can perform for children and adults?
Brendan Mon Tanner has a variety of magic shows that will suit all family style entertainment such as christenings, communions, bar mitzvah’s dinner
parties and private family functions. Our Professional magicians are more popular for family occasions as everybody is entertained.
The show duration is up to 45 minutes with magic, comedy and hilarious
audience participation that will suit all ages.Magician Australia magicians
have had more than 15 years experience with children and family audiences.
Also we can add extra thirty minutes for Balloon twisting if needed for children.

If you think magician’s are boring then you haven’t seen Brendan Mon Tanner’s Action Packed Comedy magic and Las Vegas Show.Its by far one of the most hilarious and dangerously funniest shows you will ever see-you’ll never know what
he’ll do next. Brendan Mon Tanner is certainly the most extreme Comic Magician with a hilarious repertoire of stunts and sleights up his sleeve ready to dazzle and
entertain you.Brendan Mon Tanner, Australia’s multi Award winning Comedy magician will have you laughing in side – Splitting Laughter combining his hilarious
off the edge entertainment in one dangerously amazing block-buster show for all ages.

Brendan Mon Tanner’s Comedy Magic Show combines crazy interaction, hilarious
audience participation, cutting edge Magic,Spectacular illusions,fire eating and off the edge dare devil stunts including one of Houdini’s most dangerous stunts the
swallowing of real razor blades.Brendan will guarantee side-splitting laughter,excitement and hilarious chaos.He is the power of the supernatural,a grand
illusionist wrapped up with danger,action and mind-blowing variety entertainment that will have you on the edge of your seat guaranteed !!!!!
Brendan Mon Tanner’s entertainment has earned him 14 MO and ACE entertainment awards combined for best specialty act and production show and recently
nominated for the ACE Award for outstanding Versatile Performer/entertainer of the year.

Brendan Mon Tanner is a professional Magician and illusionist of the highest order,an
international act for over 28 years and has appeared in almost every major venue across
Australia and overseas.Brendan has amazed audiences in Hawaii, Indonesia,Guam,Singapore,New Zealand,Canada and the United States.Brendan is also is in
constant demand and exclusive on five p&o cruise ships performing as a main headliner in the major showrooms.