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Wahroonga, North Shore of Sydney


Louise Jeffrey is an Acupuncturist and Coach trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine (London), Strategic Psychotherapy (Australia) and Clinical Hypnotherapy (Australia). Her main focus in practice is the treatment of pain, anxiety, stress, depression, fertility and women's health.

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In traditional Chinese medicine, we believe that disease or pain is caused by disruptions to the flow of energy (or qi) in the body. This qi runs along meridians which are closely mapped to the central nervous system. When needles are inserted at certain points on or under the skin, the qi & blood start moving again, which offers relief from pain and with time, relief from the symptoms of disease.

Acpuncture may be helpful for symptoms of the following health challenges:

chronic & acute pain
menstrual problems
hormonal imbalances
breech babies
oedema/water retention
low immunity
hay fever/allergies
and more

Visit this webpage for a list of frequently asked questions about Acupuncture.
If you have any further questions not answered here, please email Louise at louise@louisejeffrey.com

Coaching is a partnership between client and coach where we work together to create a shared understanding of what needs to be achieved, and how to go about achieving it. This is to assist you in creating and becoming your best self.

Through a series of questions and self reflection exercises, we work together to help you identify your limitations, set goals and create a detailed roadmap to get you where you need to go.

We also help you to tap into your own strength, power and inner guidance, so you have the clarity to move forward with confidence.

What are the benefits of this approach?

Get crystal clear on your life goals, and how to achieve them
Create a growth mindset
Empower yourself to tackle any of life’s challenges
Create a sense of calm & peace within
Master your emotions & mindset so they don’t determine the quality of your life
Improve your communication and relationships
Create positive and empowering habits
Discover who you really are and start living to your true potential

What do the coaching sessions consist of?

The sessions consist of a mix of exploratory work, where we follow a specific process to discover and become aware what might be holding you back and the utilisation and implementation of powerful strategies, techniques & tools that will help you to start taking action that is in alignment with your goals

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a safe, natural and powerful therapeutic tool. It works with the unconscious mind to release negative and unhelpful thought patterns and behaviours, and replace them with positive and helpful ones. For many, the perception of Hypnotherapy is that of stage hypnosis, where the Hypnotist has ‘çontrol’ of the audience. Clinical Hypnosis couldn’t be more different. You are always in control, able to speak, and you cannot be co-oerced into doing anything against your will. It’s relaxing, safe and it is fine to work or drive afterwards.

Hypnosis is powerful because it works with the unconscious mind to facilitate change. During hypnosis, you are more receptive to positive suggestions for change. This trance like state also helps these messages become embedded into the unconscious mind, leading to changes in behaviour and thought patterns

Numerous clinical trials have found Hypnotherapy is able reduce the symptoms of a broad range of psychological (and physical) conditions, including anxiety, insomnia, stress and compulsive/self sabotage behaviour. This is by no means a guarantee, but it indicates that most people are very likely to benefit in some way.

What happens during a Hypnotherapy Session with Louise?

Louise utilises a combination of Clinical Hypnosis and breakthrough exercises to help identify and release the limiting beliefs theatre holding you back, and reprogram the unconscious mind with new beliefs that will support you in achieving what you want.

Louise helps people with the following kinds of challenges:

Weight Loss & Eating-related issues
Stress & Anxiety
Compulsive behaviour
Quit Smoking/drinking

What if you could learn a new way of relating to food and your body that would bring you happiness, peace and pleasure in food and in your body, no matter your size?

In this unique & ground breaking approach you will learn how to:

Release self sabotaging beliefs & harmful thought patterns that contribute to weight gain
Heal unwanted eating habits and develop sustainable & healthy ones
Liberate yourself from criticism, judgement and shame
Feel completely comfortable & confident in your own skin
Learn to value yourself for who you truly authentically are
Create a peaceful and uplifting relationship with food & your body
Claim your natural & rightful weight

Dynamic Eating Psychology sessions are designed to help you create a new way of relating to food and your body that will bring peace, happiness and pleasure to your life. Through a combination of learning and coaching, the implementation of new concepts & ideas and breakthrough exercises you will gain deep personal insight into your own barriers, blocks and unhelpful behaviours & thought patterns. You will also receive strategies & tools for transformation & change that you can implement right away from our first session.