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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Hi, I’m Raylee Mahony

Owner/Founder, Master Mind & Body Coach

Have you started numerous relationships, weight loss challenges, get quick fit programs, university degrees or small business but somehow end up quitting over and over again?

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3 June 2020

Raylee has helped me over the past few years rebuilding myself physically and mentally, allowing me to find a greater happiness and feel more centred. I am less disconnected and have more self compassion. I highly recommend Raylee.

25 May 2020

Raylee believes in you when you can't. She provides support and re-programs your mind, body and soul which will help you achieve your life goals in all accepts for your life. She creates the best version of yourself. I highly recommend Raylee as your life coach, unlock your potential with Ray More...

25 May 2020

I first meet Raylee 9 years ago, as a personal trainer and since that time I have become a coaching client of Raylee’s.
The one thing I love about Ray is her passion, her attitude to never give up on you that pushes you in a positive manner to be the best version of yourself and the fact she draws on her real life experiences .
I personally have been through hell and back in an abusive marriage sell doubt and self hate.
Through meditation 🧘‍♀️ and exercises and homework during coaching Ray has taught me to love myself again, to forgive and let go, to send out the love, and the way to handle things in a more appropriate manner.
I still have a long way to go and yes I need to get back to coaching with Raylee, but I can not recommend Ray high enough if you want to change eating habits, give up smoking, progress in your career or just be the best version of yourself, you want to make permanent changes for good in your life, please meet Raylee....
Love 💕 ya will be back to see you soon

25 May 2020

I highly recommend Raylee, she is very professional, caring and dedicated to getting you motivated to reach your goals.

25 May 2020

Raylee has coached me for over 8 years, and has always been trustworthy, honest, highly knowledgable, and committed to helping me with anything Health related. I have been helped with so many different aspects of my wellbeing, including weight control, emotional health, past traumas, nutrition, parenting, goal making, mental clarity, anxiety, physical strength, meditation and calming techniques..
Raylee has a wealth of knowledge in all aspects Wellness and I recommend her highly.

25 May 2020

The most authentic coach I have ever met.
Honesty and integrity were my number one requirement and Ray hits that and more.
From coaching to meditation and hypnosis.
I always leave her space feeling on fire for my life and what lies ahead.
If you need that extra push to achieve your goals and dreams this is the lady for you.


What I love most is witnessing transformation in my client's lives. It is the best feeling in the world.

Starting my own business was a no brainer. I believe life happens for us, not to us. I was supposed to experience the traumas I had to be able to facilitate change in others lives. My passion to serve has been evident from a young age. I have had my own business for 12 years and would never consider working for anyone else but my client.

Clients should NOT choose me if they are not ready to be propelled to change. Clients should NOT select me if you don't want someone in your corner. Clients should choose me is they want a caring yet firm and honest person extracting the best version of themselves out for the world to see.


Do you feel confused with all the conflicting messages about food, nutrition and health?
Are you ready to set yourself free and let go of the inner struggle around body image and weight? Would you like to build a healthy relationship with food, a way of eating and living that could leave you truly nourished, fulfilled without feeling deprivation?

The time has come for a fresh new conversation when it comes to your way living and eating. It’s time to break old negative habits and learn the right way of living eating for YOU. This 8-week Mind And Body Health Coaching course is YOUR opportunity to transform your current relationship with YOURSELF & FOOD! You’ll learn life-changing skills and techniques to create the permanent change you are after. Together let’s rebuild trust in your metabolism and fire it up to work efficiently for you. This will be an inspiring time together. It’s your time to discover and trust the nutritionist within you. Learn to nourish your body in a whole new way that only YOU know-how.

No one knows you better than YOU.

Some Key Highlights

Up to date tools that work with emotional eating
The difference between hunger & desire
Strategies for building a healthy appetite
How emotion affects metabolism
Say goodbye to fad diets or calorie counting.
Change your thoughts, change your metabolism.
Recognise you are not broken
Powerful strategies on loving the body you are in
Learn how nutrition affects your moods
How to work with your ‘danger zone.’
Much, much more

It was four years ago I walked into the A Ray of Fitness & Inner Strength Coaching Studio.

I was ready for a physical change, so I joined the Healthy Mind & Body Coaching Program. Ray did help me achieve my health & fitness goals. But more importantly, Ray has enriched my life and in turn, my family’s life too.

I will be forever grateful to Ray for that.

I have grown as a wife, mother, and most importantly, I have found “ME” again. Ray has taught me not only how to improve my physical health but just as importantly, my mental health.

Ray has been an exceptional coach in both the gym and life coaching studio. Not only has she helped guide me but also my children in her Kids Off The Couch Program with exercise and nutritional advice.

She has shared tools and techniques as a Life Coach not only for myself but for my daughter Miss 9

Together we recently attended a meditation course, and I can’t thank Ray enough for the positive changes in my little girl. The Meditation techniques and inspirational teachings have given Miss 9 the tools to support her work through her anxieties.

I look forward to attending more of these sessions.

Angela Roberts

Before attending the ISC, Mindful Eating Group Coaching & Hypnosis course, my diet consisted of only meat, potatoes and baked beans. My go-to breakfast was Coco Pops and I NEVER had tried vegetables or salads before.

From a young child, I believed that I didn’t like food even before trying them. I knew that my diet had to change as being a father of a 12-month-old son, I didn’t want him to grow up thinking it was ok to NOT eat vegetables.

After the first session, I knew I had made the right decision going to Raylee and I started to change my diet slowly. I started by trying one new food (vegetables and salad) each day. To my surprise, I enjoyed eating them. I also cut out loads of processed sugar.

I lost 10kg in 4 weeks and felt a million times better knowing I was now being a good example for my boy.

I highly recommend Raylee’s course to anyone that wants to change the way they eat or just get lots of knowledge on how to make better choices. The program and Raylee definitely changed my outlook on food and life for the better.

Thank you, Raylee


Ray has coached me in her A Ray of Fitness and Inner Strength Coaching studio for over ten years. First, it was for strength training and cardio, and later I joined her Inner Strength Coaching Healthy Mind & Body Program for yoga, meditation and mental health support.

The Inner Strength Coaching Program Healthy Mind & Body Program, helped me develop the tools I needed for coping with social anxiety, making career decisions and processing life’s daily challenges.

The ISC Health and Fitness Program taught me how to nourish my body correctly and shed the extra weight I gained while travelling oversea in my teens. The life-changing program also helped my husband, and I get in peak condition for our wedding and lose the extra body fat after the birth of our first baby.
Each Life Coaching session with Ray brings a new story or lesson; family, friendships, nutrition, training and mental health. Ray has taught me so much over the years. The importance of looking after myself and putting my health first through exercise, nutrition, mindfulness, yoga and meditation.

I cannot thank Ray enough for helping to shape the person I am today.

I met Ray in 2017 when I was in year 11. I was struggling with the confidence to be myself and finding direction in my life.

I felt very deflated and an unhappy majority of the time. For years I had been telling myself that I wanted to become healthy and change where I was heading in my life. The phrase ‘I’ll start next week’ was on a constant loop. At this point in my life, I was struggling with independence, had never been to a dentist, hated talking to people over the phone when booking appointments, and had never had a proper job. I was scared to be rejected by employers.

When I first went to Ray, I had never thought training, health and mindfulness would become such an essential part of my life. Ray welcomed me like we had known each other forever. Through her Inner Strength Coaching Healthy Mind & Body Program, she taught me that Health is not just about being physically fit but also about overcoming the mental boundaries that hold us back.

My life has changed drastically since working with Ray. I am becoming more confident with being myself every day, and I am the happiest I have ever been. I went to the dentist for the first time and was not scared or worried, and I now apply for jobs even with the possibility of rejection. I now know that I need to put myself out there to succeed.

I am looking forward to continuing to grow mentally and overcome the challenges Ray throws at me, both physically and for my mental wellbeing too.

Inner Strength Coaching for Life Coaching and Healthy Mind & Body Program has changed my life forever.

Do yourself a favour, call Ray today and I promise you won’t regret it.


I heard about Ray's unique ways of coaching.
I went along as I was struggling in my marriage.
I thought if I saw her she could help me fix everything that was wrong with our marriage, my husband.
In hindsight, how wrong I was.
Went I stopped focusing on everything he did wrong and started to work on myself, it was amazing how I noticed all the things he did right.
One of our underlying issues was that I lacked self-esteem because I piled on the weight. Thanks to Ray, we are all in great shape mentally and physically now.
Do yourself a favour, call Ray NOW.
Thanks, Ray

When I met my Life Coach Ray, I was on a downhill spiral. My mental, emotional and physical health was at the lowest points of my life. I was aware of it happening but felt unable to stop it or help myself. I had a lot to lose potentially.

I arrived at my first Life Coaching session feeling so lost and not knowing where to start. Instantly after meeting Ray, I felt instantly more motivated and positive. I WANTED to make the changes needed to better myself. Within one life coaching session with Ray, together we made a plan to slowly take my life back. I walked away from my first session feeling positive and empowered. Each and every session with Ray makes me more determined to make positive changes in my life. I am definitely more mindful of my actions and I make better decisions. The small changes I make after each session are totally changing my life and the way I live it.

I cannot wait to see what the future holds as I continue on my life coaching journey with Ray. She is compassionate and kind while also firm and direct. I truly value her knowledge & support. Being around her is instantly calming and I really don’t know what I would do without her moving forward. Life coaching is one of the best decisions I’ve made. It is something I will continue to help me grow and develop as a person, mother & business owner.


Are you someone who more often than not makes poor food choices, eats too fast, or overeats to soothe emotions?

Adding guided hypnosis to your routine effects positive change in your daily eating ritual, setting you on a path of mindful eating where you can choose the healthy food along with the quantities your body needs.

Benefits of Mindful Hypnosis!
Learn to eat mindfully.
Avoid over-eating.
Feel satisfied after eating what your body NEEDS.
Transform your relationship with food.
Reduce sugar cravings.
Bring attention to chewing your food and savouring every mouthful.
Bring awareness to slowing down and putting the knife and fork down between bites.
Redirect your cravings to healthy foods when an unwanted emotion arises.
Create a trigger to encourage healthy water consumption.
Reduce cravings for processed foods.
Increase desire for fresh, unprocessed foods.

Let go off what no longer serves you with Hypnosis