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Identity Creators is a Creative Marketing Agency crafting meaningful content to connect brands and people through the things they love.

Our Agency integrates experts in strategy, branding, filmmaking, innovation, design, and development who work together end-to-end to create experiences that boost your brand’s reach and elevate your business.

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19 October 2020

Identity Creators know seriously good design! They just ‘get it’!
I was looking for a creative agency to rebrand my business and could not have found a more collaborative, dynamic, and experienced design team.
Being for my own business, the rebrand was extremely personal and important to me.
Franco, Idenity Creator founder, was accessible every step of the design process and had a natural intuition for
understanding exactly what I wanted.
Our design was both innovative and timeless, reflecting exactly what our brief asked for and delivering on more than expected.

19 October 2020

Identity creators understand their clients needs well. The creative industry is very subjective and all clients have different visions of what they’re campaigns need to be like. The staff members within the company are very talented in a sense that they are able to bring out this vision.

I would definitely recommend them for all your media requirements.

7 October 2020

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Franco from Identity Creators for my fashion video! His imagination, dedication and work ethic is like none other! Incredibly creative and talented! Franco’s attentiveness to your needs is his major priority and you are guaranteed that the vision for your project will exceed expectation! Such an incredible experience! Thank you Franco, I look forward to our next project! More...

30 September 2020

Identity Creators is by far the best I’ve worked with. They have helped me as an athlete creating social media clips/promo videos (most resent we are working on a big project for Monster Energy) and we are also working on a documentary together. All their work is amazing and I couldn’t be more happy to have Franco help telling my story! More...


Your website is the most important marketing asset and usually the first point of interaction with your client. We believe a great website should be not only visually attractive but also simple for the user to navigate.

Studies have shown that first impressions are 94% design-related. When we design and develop a website we have that in mind, and we also focus on highlighting your brand's voice and making sure it is SEO friendly and fast to get more attention and turn visitors into clients.

What are you hoping to achieve with this project? Which kind of problem do you want to solve?
What is the timeline of the need? Do you have a fixed deadline?
What is the budget scoped for this project?
What's your story? What makes you or your business remarkable?
What made you consider our services?

We could definitely talk about composition, lighting, colours, rules and much more, even we think that is important to understand, it might be boring for you and we also think photography is much more than that.

We believe having a purpose when taking a photo is key. We always plan what we want the viewer to feel or think before taking a photo. If after taking the photo we achieve the objective we set and people react as we thought, we strongly believe the process is successful.

Everything start by asking questions, lots of them. We make sure to understand your vision and what you want to achieve with the project. We then do our research and brainstorm about new creative ways to approach the project. After that, we take our creative brief and create a logistical game plan and storyboard to show to you and then implement it.
Now, we are ready to go ahead with the production process so then we can present our work for your review and we make sure it's perfect and accomplishes the goals we set out at the beginning.

We love what we do. In Identity Creators every story we tell, every piece of content we create and every brand we build is led by passion. We love being part of the creative industry and the dynamism that comes with it.
As we focus on the essence of every client, we bring different creative ideas to the table all the time.
That variety makes each project to be unique and that is something we really love and appreciate.

We know that customer experience needs are rapidly changing, that's why each member of our team bring expertise in different fields and work together end-to-end designing, developing and creating content to ensure your brand and customer connect on an emotional level.

Our crew members, the brands we decide to work with and literally every decision we make on a daily basis are driven by our core values:

- INTEGRITY: This world can be challenging, but we solve difficulty putting people first and building lasting relationships by doing the right thing even when no one is watching.

- INNOVATION: We embrace and drive change. We are open-minded, creative, we love listening and learning. We are committed to continuously grow and help others to grow.

- AUTHENTICITY: Something magical happens when you let people be themselves. We believe different perspectives make ideas grow. Therefore, our approach to every project is collaborative and focused on what makes your brand unique.


We produce high-end videos for clients all around the world. Our globally resources allow us to craft meaningful story-driven videos no matter where you are.

As video use both visual and aural stimuli, it is nowadays one of the most powerful and effective ways to capture your audience attention.

From concept development to delivery we produce outstanding videos that connect with the viewers on an emotional level, while also boosting your brand awareness and pushing your message forward.

Your brand identity is what sets you apart from your competitors out there. In order to make your brand lasting and evolving in the mind and heart of your audience, you need to connect with them on an emotional level. Our approach use strategy and emotional branding to bring brands to life designing and builing identities that cover your brand statement, tone of voice, visuals and much more.

Imagery is a crucial part of your branding. That's why we create content that visually represent your brand and resonate with your client so they can envisage what working with you looks like.

We design and develop digital solutions that make your business grow. Always having the final user in mind, we create premium brand experiences that connect. Web design & development, e-commerce, digital marketing and mobile apps.